A biracial attempted tarring and feathering

An attempt was made last night at Jamaica, Long Island, to tar and feather and ride on a rail Horace Smith, a negro, who, two weeks ago, married Stella Sinclair, a prepossessing young white girl, at Greenport.Stella is 16 years old, and formerly lived with her parents at Good Ground.  She is handsome and well educated.  Smith is over 30 years of age.  After their marriage, the couple were obliged to leave Greenport, the young men of the village having made it too warm for them to remain.  Nothing daunted, they made their way to Brooklyn and took up their abode at Crow Hill, near the Flatbush asylum.  They were driven from their retreat at Crow Hill by the colored residents, who would not tolerate the bride among them.  Since then the two have lived in a small hut in the outskirts of Jamaica.  Last night a party of 15 young men, among whom were three negroes, headed by a drum and fife, and armed with a fence rail and a pot of tar and feathers, visited Smith’s abode after mid-night with the intention of assaulting him.  When they reached the hut they found it deserted.  The couple had gained knowledge of what was about to take place, and had fled.  Source:  Boston Herald May 27, 1883

It’s nice to see the races coming together for a common project like this.

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3 thoughts on “A biracial attempted tarring and feathering

  1. Indeed! That’s some community spirit.

    Sadly, tar and feathering and riding people out on a rail are all to infrequent nowadays. I know several politicians and individuals that could use that.


  2. Oh, sure, it’s biracial, but it’s still pretty sexist…they were only going to tar and feather the *guy*. And you’ll note only the *men* were allowed to participate.

    Someday, we’ll reach equality for all, where roaming biracial gangs of men and women will attack people without regard to their race or gender.


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