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  1. Avatar Reformed Republican says:

    Playing Imperial Assault on Saturday.

    I will probably not get to watch NXT Takeover until Sunday afternoon.

    Summerslam Sunday night.

    I agree that there will probably be a heel turn in the 2/3 Shield vs. Wyatt Family match, but I have trouble picturing Reigns as part of the family.

    I will be glad when they break up the three Divas factions so that the match options are more open. The three trios are annoying. Actually, I would not be surprised if somebody from Team PCB joins Team Bella.

    After all this time building up Brock Lesnar as an unbeatable monster, I really do not want to see him lose to the ElderTaker. I expect shenanigans in this match.

    It will be a very busy weekend.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      Reigns isn’t going to join The Family… he wouldn’t be a good fit. (I’m disappointed that they didn’t keep running with the Daniel Bryan Family storyline, though… Imagine a storyline where they kept helping him despite the fact that he didn’t want their help.)

      He is, however, going to turn. Maybe after the loss or something.

      I would hope that there are shenanigans in this match! But it’s closing the show. Maybe we’d have shenanigans at one of the ones that aren’t part of The Big Four PPVs… But I see a clean win here. (Alternate theory: Brock wins this one too, then Undertaker wins the FINAL CONFRONTATION. But that only makes sense if the FINAL CONFRONTATION happens at WrestleMania and I see a Sting/Taker match happening there.)Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        They should have saved that finish for Survivor Series. I wouldn’t even have been mad.

        That said, observations:

        I had low expectations for this one and they were well exceeded. I am pleased with this PPV. With a couple of exceptions.

        Rusev vs. Zigglar should have had a finish. Nobody wants to see a mixed tag match. Ugh.

        Cena vs. Rollins vs. Stewart? You come off a 16 year run where you were America’s #1 most trusted news anchor and the first thing you do is turn heel? This only makes sense if they have Colbert in their back pocket and he’s going to give Stewart a chair shot or something.

        The finish to the main was something that did not… really… work in the context of Summerslam. You can only get away with so much “poor officiating” and they already had a ref bump in the Cena/Rolling match.

        That said, the rest of the night, Orton/Sheamus nothwithstanding, was pretty awesome.Report

        • Avatar Jaybird says:

          The highlights: That four-way tag match was awesome. I laughed, I cried, and left wanting more. How in the heck did they give Big E a personality?

          I didn’t understand the finish to Wyatt/Harper vs. Rollins/Ambrose. Good match that did nothing but tread water.

          Same for the Ryback match, actually. Good match, no movement.

          Owens vs. Cesaro was great. I hope that this is the end of Cesaro’s forced visit to the wilderness.

          The women’s match was good, but I kept hoping for a re-appearance of The Four Horsemen (which I heard was teased on NXT).

          Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar was better than I expected until I got to that head scratcher of a finish.

          Cena vs. Rollins was a great match until I got to that head scratcher of a finish.

          And, the big surprise of the night: Stephen Amell and Neville vs. Stardust and King Barrett. They made Amell the face in peril? And he was able to not expose the business? And they gave the pin to talent rather than the visiting celebrity?

          This was the greatest celebrity-in-a-wrestling-match that I’ve ever seen.

          All in all, a good PPV that would have made a GREAT Survivor Series.Report

          • Avatar Reformed Republican says:

            Big E always had personality, they just did not let him show it on TV. WWE make some weird decisions sometimes.

            I am glad Owens got his win. He has had a string of big losses (Cena 2X, Balor 2X), so he needed to get a solid win to keep him threatening.

            I had low expectations for the divas tag match, and they were met. I do not care for 9-person tag matches. Bailey vs. Sasha from NXT Takeover was the match of the weekend.

            I understand why they finished Taker vs Lesnar like they did, but I think they could have done it better. I was a bit behind watching Summerslam, because I had other stuff going on yesterday. I was determined to finish it last night so it would not be spoiled by RAW. That meant I was up past my bedtime, and I was in and out of sleep for the last 3 matches. I do not remember the actual match that well. I look forward to Heyman’s promo tonight. I would not mind seeing Lesnar kill Michael Cole again (though I doubt it would happen).

            It had crossed my mind that Stewart might cost Cena the match. It made sense that he would be involved, since he and Rollins had been feuding. It did not make sense for him to help Rollins, but sometimes WWE goes for the surprise, even if it does not make sense.Report

  2. Avatar aarondavid says:

    I too have been batching it, and it looks like C. will be back for a week and then away again for 3 weeks. And as I am still recovering from surgery, I am going out of my mind from lack of human contact…Report

  3. Avatar Will Truman says:

    New mattress arrived in the mail today. I have spring imprints on my back from the existing one.

    Clancy got some hair clips from Lain as part of our effort to avoid public gender confusion.

    As mentioned on LF, today is the second anniversary of my smoking cessation.

    I’m trying to devise a solar system which has been inhabited by, and surrounds us with, terraforming aliens.Report

  4. Avatar Fish says:

    All of this. All of this is on my docket. Woooo!Report