Now There’s Something You Don’t See Every Day, Part II

Richard Hershberger

Richard Hershberger is a paralegal working in Maryland. When he isn't doing whatever it is that paralegals do, or taking his daughters to Girl Scouts, he is dedicated to the collection and analysis of useless and unremunerative information.

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3 Responses

  1. Doctor Jay says:

    The moment from the cartoon that I find the most memorable is when Bugs strikes out three players with one pitch, using his “slow ball”.Report

    • Richard Hershberger in reply to Doctor Jay says:

      My confession: my reaction to the catch from the spire of the Umpire State Building is that Bugs caught the ball in his cap, which is illegal and an automatic triple. I am not proud of this response.Report

  2. Marchmaine says:

    The other interesting thing about that play was that the runner on first was awarded second base.

    Even though Rizzo got the ball back in play to prevent the runner from tagging, because he went into the stands to make the play, all the runners are entitled to a base. In different circumstances, the play could have been a net negative.Report