Then you go to Maine and you see how outnumbered you are.

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  1. Avatar Stillwater says:

    Well, if you go with a pure description of events, it was just three guys roughin up another dude to see if they could get away with it. No racial motive involved. (Why bring race into this story? Only a REAL racist would do that, amirite) I mean, I’m sure if a cop or reporter asked those fellas what they were doing they’d say there was no racial motive involved and that they’re not racists. It’s all about tactics, man. Tactics.Report

  2. Avatar Saul Degraw says:

    When I was a senior in high school and looking at colleges, I went to a Bowdoin College thing at the Princeton Club.

    That alone convinced me the college was too WASPy and Prep School for my upper-middle class but Jewish and public school educated ass.

    I did like Colby though. Colby was cool.Report

    • Avatar Stillwater says:

      I went to a Bowdoin College thing at the Princeton Club.

      How do you live like this???Report

      • Avatar Saul Degraw says:


        Geography? I grew up in suburban NYC. A lot of the Ivies have alumni clubs in NYC.

        Stuff like this:

        “Membership in the Princeton Club is restricted to alumni, faculty, and students of Princeton University, as well as alumni of a select number of affiliated schools. Early in the 21st century, the alumni of New York University, whose own club closed in 1989, became eligible for membership.[2] The club’s membership has more recently been augmented by the admittance of the former Williams Club members and alumni from select other universities are eligible for membership including University of St Andrews,[3] Case Western Reserve University, Emory University,[4] London School of Economics, Trinity College, Hartford, Fordham University,[5] Penn State University [6] George Washington University,[7] Rice University, Washington University in St. Louis,[8] Lafayette College and McGill University.[9]

        Columbia University,[10] New York University,[11] Williams College[12] and The College of William & Mary[13] are separate clubs which share facilities and are “in residence” at The Princeton Club.”

        San Francisco has a University Club that is not college exclusive but the by-laws say no more than 400 members at a time.

        I am most decidedly not a member but I’ve been to the University Club for events for my alma mater.

        So I was looking at colleges and Bowdoin was an option. They had an event, I signed up, and went. Decided the place was not for me, did not apply.Report