Monthly Archive: August 2015


Egypt sends al Jazeera journalists to jail for broadcasting material harmful to Egypt.

Headfake Advocacy

The cleverness of rendering aid to cretinism.

Speaking of the Speechwriter

Will and Tod recently read Barton Swaim’s The Speechwriter and are planning to talk about it soon. You should consider reading it yourself.


The strange period where Disney made the best after-school cartoons.

October 7th

The rescheduled Rapture, unless another continuance is granted

Sometimes Facebook creeps me out.

“Hello, R Tod Kelly. You have two messages, one poke, Tom Smith shared a picture, and I’m looking at you right now through your bedroom window.”


The whole “remastered game from the last generation” thing.

Language Notes From Knoxville

I see that this is a thing now. I can’t articulate a good objection to it.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t still be grumpy about it.


On Batching It. (Epilogue)