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Mike Schilling

Mike has been a software engineer far longer than he would like to admit. He has strong opinions on baseball, software, science fiction, comedy, contract bridge, and European history, any of which he's willing to share with almost no prompting whatsoever.

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  1. Avatar Michael Drew

    So many potential contexts where it would perfectly apply. A WWI memoir. A Kafkaesque novel. If I were presented with it de novo in a game where you had to invent a piece of literature it came from, I’m not sure baseball is a context I’d think of to place it in.

    Also: it’s a great possibility for a story prompt, one of which hasn’t appeared here for a while. I guess if something were published using it, it’d have to be an epigraph rather than a line in the story, but that’s okay right?Report

  2. Avatar Kazzy

    Are you telling me there is a problem that alcohol can’t solve?Report

  3. Avatar Guy

    “Ah. My arm is missing.”


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