Glyph is worse than some and better than others. He believes that life is just one damned thing after another, that only pop music can save us now, and that mercy is the mark of a great man (but he's just all right). Nothing he writes here should be taken as an indication that he knows anything about anything.

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2 Responses

  1. trizzlor says:

    Huzza! Fell in love with this show right from the pilot:

    I’ve tried cocaine, cigarettes filled with tobacco, and alcoholic wine. Didn’t get addicted to any of those. Now there’s only one more thing to try: COCAINE!Report

    • Glyph in reply to trizzlor says:

      The first ep is definitely really good, but it wasn’t until around the third episode when the callbacks really start to accumulate, and you realize “this guy is ruining his life” that it got great for me.

      “There all is aching”.Report