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7 Responses

  1. Glyph says:

    Still in mourning over the imminent demise of Hannibal. Especially since this season seems to be pulling out all the stops on European arthouse filmmaking. We shall not see its like again soon.

    Bummed because I went to pick Broad City back up, but Comedy Central pulled all its stuff offa Prime, so now I don’t know what I am going to do.

    However, Review returns on the 30th! Five stars for this news!Report

  2. Will Truman says:

    I’m stalled on Game of Thrones.

    Almost through one of the Lucas Davenport novels. Going to listen to To Kill a Mockingbird next. Then… you know…Report

  3. zic says:

    Thanks for those coloring books, Jaybird. I actually picked a few of those out when I placed my order on amazon.

    I’m reading The Vohhr by artist Brian Catlings. (Link goes to the Slate review which inspired the purchase.)

    It is one of the strangest books I’ve ever read. Some incredibly beautiful writing in it; which is probably a good thing, because much of it simply makes no sense, instead, it sort of weaves a spell over you. Highly recommend it, though I’m only 1/3 of the way through.Report

  4. Kolohe says:

    Will Truman:
    I’m stalled on Game of Thrones.

    So is George RR Martin.Report

  5. aarondavid says:

    Thank you for the plug Jay, and I hope everyone who thinks it could be interesting reads it. I have more up my sleeve if it goes over well. That said, I am reading The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter. Really good, I am sorry I hadn’t read her before.Report

  6. Kim says:

    The wire has a surprisingly filthy sense of humor. There’s a cool joke in the first season, but you need to speak east-coast cop to get it. Or Gaelic.

    And, even having given that much of a clue, you’re still not going to get it, unless you just watched the show.Report