The Obligatory Introduction

I have been following this website since its founding some years ago (I worked with Erik Kain on a previous political blog), and I am thrilled to now be a contributing member. This site’s readership is one of the most thoughtful and engaging I have ever seen, and I am looking forward to future interactions with everyone here.

I spent many years overseas, but now have settled down in Santa Rosa, California. For my day job, I teach humanities at a public school in the Bay Area. In addition to relocating to the North Bay, my wife and I had our first daughter 5 months ago.

As for my focus on this site, I plan to write about the changes I have experienced politically as of late related to becoming a father and growing older. OT was kind enough to publish one of my pieces a few months back on said subject. As my background is in international relations and education, I also hope to address some of the larger metapolitical changes happening on the world stage and at home. Broadly speaking, I describe myself as a conservative socialist, but as my ideological position is in flux, I look forward to exploring different political persuasions here at Ordinary Times.

I write much shorter pieces on Twitter, and have been known to talk about musical minutia far too often.

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21 thoughts on “The Obligatory Introduction

  1. Greetings and felicitations! I look forward to your contributions. Question: What exactly is a conservative socialist? Is that like communitarianism?


    • Communitarianism does seem to fit, although I am not entirely familiar with the literature on the subject, so I can’t embrace the tag. I can say that I believe in an economy that puts certain ideals and goals above market demands and efficiency, some of which being social concerns that are traditionally “conservative” in nature. I also spent most of my life on the socialist left, so perhaps I just can’t leave the term, even when it no longer applies.

      I know there is a lot of red meat there, but I will explore these ideas further in the future!


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