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  1. Avatar Glyph says:

    Caught up on iZombie; which, if it hasn’t quite yet reached the heights of VM or BtVS, remains a lot of fun (actually, it occurred to me this last week that they even get to do a bit of Dollhouse, what with Liv taking on the personality traits of her ‘meals’.)

    I’ve been somewhat meh on GoT this season (it’s not *terrible*, and will probably be just fine on a binge – but week to week it has been a step down for me, particularly dialogue-wise, from prior seasons); but the last 15 minutes of last week’s was pretty excellent.

    OH MY GOD YOU GUYS HANNIBAL IS BACK. And it was totally, beautifully messed-up.Report

    • Avatar Burt Likko in reply to Glyph says:

      GoT has been much better on screen than on print IMHO: action is better, less of Sam and Sansa moping about, cutting to the chase of the Danerys-Tyrion storyline.Report

      • Avatar Glyph in reply to Burt Likko says:

        That may be true, plot-wise. But straight plot isn’t the only pleasure the show used to be able to offer. There’s been a lyricism (mostly) missing, IMO, and the Dorne bit has been laughably bad.Report

        • Avatar Alan Scott in reply to Glyph says:

          Yeah, I feel like this has been a pretty weak season–And in a way that can’t entirely be blamed on the fact that it’s adapting some pretty weak books.

          The Dorne plot was slow and convoluted, but the changes they’ve made have managed to remove everything that made it worth going to Dorne in the first place.

          Sam at the Wall is no better than Sam at sea, and to make it worse, his crowning “Sam gets to be a hero in his element” moment from the end of Storm of Swords got turned into “Sam makes a boring speech”.

          In the past several seasons, the show has done a really good job of “Adaptation distillation”, and they’ve just not managed to live up to it this season. The only plotline that really shines is the King’s landing one, and that’s the one plotline that would have been fine even without the adaptation.Report

  2. Avatar Chris says:

    Watching Marco Polo on Netflix. If you can forgive the fact that the only historically accurate details are the names, it’s not bad.Report

    • Avatar aaron david in reply to Chris says:

      So, its verbatim Marco Polo then?Report

      • Avatar Chris in reply to aaron david says:

        Hehe… I am going to read it again. And Invisible Cities too.

        In fact, Invisible Cities may be the perfect book to read as a blog reading group: the whole thing’s short, the chapters are short, the chapters are independent enough to make gaps of a week or two unproblematic, and it’s Calvino, so anyone who don’t like it is evil.

        OK, the last bit may be editorializing.Report

  3. Avatar aaron david says:

    I never developed a taste for sudoku, but I have been know to loose work over a good crossword puzzle.

    As for books, I am reading Keith Roberts Pavane which is quite good, and a nice breather before I start to fill in the next hole in my world of lit, Moby Dick.Report

  4. Avatar Saul Degraw says:

    Went to the Bay Area Book Festival yesterday. I did not buy any books but did see two interesting panels.Report

  5. Avatar zic says:

    I have a crazy question for ya’ll.

    Some time ago, I began using the trademark symbol (™) after words to indicate ideology. I saw other folk here doing it occasionally, too; but it didn’t seem a widespread thing.

    So I was doing my daily self-flagellation and reading the writings of people I have profound ideological difference with, In this case, Rod Dreher, and this sentence forced me out of the orthodox trance he was weaving and into a question of usage and just how broadly the influence of this blog might be:

    But as I have said many times, if I had spent more time doing the things actual Catholic Christians are supposed to do — pray a lot, read the Bible, do works of charity, tell people about Jesus and how he is changing my life — instead of reading and arguing about Catholicism™, I would have been much more resilient in the face of trial.

    So my weird question is have any of you noticed ™ used to suggest ideology commonly elsewhere? I haven’t, but I’m sure we all have different reading habits. Or Dreher was reading here back in the days of the Sharia farm store postings and it rubbed off.Report

    • Avatar Mike Schilling in reply to zic says:

      I was using it long before I started reading blogs.Report

    • Avatar Michael Cain in reply to zic says:

      I use it for things that I am (perhaps sarcastically) claiming as my own, eg, Cain’s Laws™. As in, “One of Cain’s Laws™ says that to the extent allowed by the project budget, put the tricky bits in software, not special-purpose hardware.” It’s an indication that I intend the phrase to be trademarked, but haven’t been through the formal process. Absent formal registration, using the alternate form (Cain’s Laws®) is, I believe, a violation of federal law. Do you know how much it disturbs me that I know even that much about the difference?Report

      • Avatar zic in reply to Michael Cain says:

        Trademarks don’t necessarily have registered, according to the USPTO; and the restriction is on ®:

        What are “common law” rights?
        Federal registration is not required to establish rights in a trademark. Common law rights arise from actual use of a mark and may allow the common law user to successfully challenge a registration or application.

        Are there any restrictions on use of the “®” symbol?
        There are three important restrictions on use of the “®” symbol: (1) it may only be used after the mark is registered (you may not use it during the application process); (2) it may only be used on or in connection with the goods and services listed in the federal registration; and (3) it may only be used while the registration is still alive (you may not continue to use it if you don’t maintain the registration or it expires). Note: Because several foreign countries use “®” to indicate that a mark is registered in that country, use of the symbol by the holder of a foreign registration may be proper.


    • Avatar Brandon Berg in reply to zic says:

      I remember seeing feminists using the Nice Guy™ slur at least as far back as 2007-8. Google gives results going back at least ten years.Report

  6. Avatar Jaybird says:

    And one of the last things I packed (everything is packed except for my 3DS, which is charging, and my new phone, which is charging) is a 1960’s paperback copy of The Worm Ouroboros by Eric Eddison.

    I normally don’t like reading stuff that recent, but what can you do.Report

  7. Avatar Kolohe says:

    (last night’s GoT episode)
    svfuva Fgnaavf. Naq svfuva fubjehaaref sbe frkhnyvmvat gur qnatre gb Neln. Jr xabj jungfuvfanzr sebz gur Xvatfthneq vf n jbeyq pynff shyy cevil ohpxrg, ohg jr qvqa’g arrq gb znxr uvz n crqbcuvyr gb ungr uvz naq jnag gb frr uvz hfrq nf avawn nffnffva cenpgvpr gnetrg.Report

    • Avatar Glyph in reply to Kolohe says:


      Fb, ab JNL Qnibf fgvpxf ol Fgnaavf nsgre guvf, evtug? Qnibf ybirq Fuverra yvxr uvf bja qnhtugre, naq fnj uvf bayl fba pbafhzrq ol eryvtvbhf snangvpvfz (naq gura, synzrf). Vs lbh xabj sebz gur obbxf qba’g fcbvy zr, ohg VZB Qnibf vf tbvat gb nabgure grnz, cebagb, bapr ur svaqf bhg jung unccrarq urer.

      V nyfb gubhtug gung juvyr Fgnaavf’ qrpvfvba jnf (hygvzngryl) va-punenpgre naq ybat-sberfunqbjrq, gur cnpvat bs guvf frnfba unf orra bqq rabhtu gung vg fbeg bs fgvyy frrzf gb pbzr bhg bs abjurer. Fubjehaaref fubhyq unir qebccrq Qbear ragveryl, naq hfrq gung gvzr gb fubj Fgnaavf’ cbfvgvba trggvat rire zber qrfcrengr – nyfb, uvz trggvat fbzr jbeq bs gur fynhtugre ng Unequbzr zvtug’ir urycrq qevir ubzr (ntnva) uvf pbaivpgvba (ivn Zryvfnaqer) gung uvf orpbzvat Xvat (ng nal pbfg) vf gur bayl guvat gung pna fnir gur jubyr jbeyq sebz Juvgr Jnyxref.

      V frr jung lbh ner fnlvat nobhg Neln, ohg gb zr vg frrzrq yrff yvxr “frkhnyvmvat ure qnatre” naq zber nobhg “tvivat ure na rnfl va gb trg ng Genag”.

      Bgurejvfr, jung ner gurl tbvat gb qb – erirny n cerivbhfyl-hafrra frnsbbq nqqvpgvba ba uvf cneg?

      V nyfb jbaqrerq jul gur Fbaf bs gur Unecl jrer oenir naq pbzzvggrq rabhtu gb gurve pnhfr gb unat nebhaq naq guebj fcrnef ng n SERNXVAT QENTBA, ohg abar bs gurz jrer vagrerfgrq va gnxvat qbja nal bs Qnal’f pvepyr bs nqivfbef bapr fur syrq gur fprar. Frrzf yvxr bapr gur qentba jnf tbar, lbh’q ng yrnfg gnxr n srj bs Qnal’f yvrhgranagf bhg.Report

      • Avatar Kolohe in reply to Glyph says:

        Gurl ner va hapunegrq greevgbel sebz gur obbxf, V guvax. VVEP, gur obbxf raq rffragvnyyl ng gur rcvfbqr orsber guvf, jvgu obgu fvqrf orvat fghpx va gur fabj va n onggyr bs nggevgvba. Gur fhowrpgf bs gur oynpx (erq?) zntvp gung Zrfyvnaqer jrer n ybg zber pbaibyhgrq.

        Lrnu, vg trgf ure na va jvgu Genag, ohg vg’f boivbhf gur nez ba gur fubhyqre zbzrag jnf fhccbfrq gb or na Bu, Fuvg zbzrag sbe gur nhqvrapr nsgre Genag jnf orvat n yvivat Crqborne zrzr. Naq, rira fb, tvivat ure na natyr yvxr gung vf cbffvoyl gur jbefg cbffvoyr guvat gur fubj ehaaref pbhyq unir qbar nsgre nyy gur xreshssyr gurl unir pnhfrq fb sne jvgu Fnafn – rira gubhtu gubfr cybg pubvprf ner ragveryl qrsrafvoyr.

        Qbear unf orra onqyl rkrphgrq ohg ragveryl arprffnel gb frcnengr Wnzvr sebz Prefv. (vzb, ba cncre ng yrnfg vg’f n orggre pubvpr guna gur obbxf znqr juvpu unf Wnzvr jnaqrevat gur jne enintrq ynaqf ng gur sbezre Ynaavfgre-Fgnex sebag yvarf)

        V’z guvaxvat Qebtb oheavangrq rabhtu FbU’f gb yrnir gur Eblny Pbheg ba gur fgnqvhz sybbe rffragvnyyl ol gurzfryirf. Vs nalguvat, gur fprar fubjf zber npphengryl sbe zr gur vafhetragf nf bccbeghavfgvp svtugref, urfvgnag va zber qverpg pbzong, gura gur cebjrff gurl qrzbafgengrq jura Fre Byq Thl jnf xvyyrq naq Terl Jbez jnf jbhaqrq.Report

        • Avatar Glyph in reply to Kolohe says:

          @kolohe “nsgre nyy gur xreshssyr gurl unir pnhfrq fb sne jvgu Fnafn”

          V xabj vg’f abg nyy gur fnzr, ohg ynfg avtug nf V jnf jngpuvat n SNGURE OHEA UVF YVGGYR TVEY NYVIR V pbhyqa’g uryc ohg jbaqre ng gur cebonoyr qvssrerapr va nhqvrapr ernpgvba.

          Jung unccrarq gb Fnafn vf njshy, fher; ohg vg vf nyfb ragveryl rkcrpgrq jura lbh unir n cflpub sbe n uhfonaq.

          Rira va gur erny jbeyq.Report

          • Avatar Kolohe in reply to Glyph says:

            Lrf, ohg gung jnf gur fnzr nethzrag jvgu Fnafn. ‘Crbcyr unir orra xvyyrq va nyy fbegf bs ubeevoyr jnlf, jul ner jr fb jbeevrq nobhg Fnafn?”. Naq gung nethzrag vf pbeerpg. Gur ceboyrz vf tbvat gb gung jryy *lrg ntnva* znxrf zr guvax gur Fnafn cnegvfnaf unir n cbvag.

            Nyfb, gung’f jul V yrq bss jvgu zna jub’f abg tbvat gb trg n Sngure’f qnl gvr arkg jrrx. Urpx, rira gur Byq Grfgnzrag, jurer T-q vf xvaqn bs qvpx zber bsgra guna abg, ur fgbcf ‘gur fnpevsvpr lbhe bja puvyq’ guvat pbyq.Report

          • Avatar North in reply to Glyph says:

            Jryy gur Fnafn bowrpgvbaf, orlbaq gur encrencrencr cbvagf, vf gung gur fubj jnf svanyyl ohvyqvat cbbe Fnafn hc gb unir fbzr fbeg bs ntrapl va ure yvsr naq vafgrnq eryrtngrq ure gb orvat Enzfnl’f cynlguvat naq, vg frrzf, fvzcyl na bowrpg sbe Gurba gb erfphr. Gung’f n cerggl ubeevoyr fgrc qbja. Juvyr gur obbxf unir qvgurerq naq qvgurerq nebhaq jvgu Fnafn fur vf ng yrnfg rqtvat gbjneqf orvat ure bja crefba naq gnxvat ntrapl. Va gur fubj fur’f whfg ercevfvat gur qnzfry va qvfgerff ebyr jvgu rkgen encr fcevaxyrf. Nf n Fnafn cnegvfna V’z zvtugvyl qvfnccbvagrq.Report

            • Avatar Glyph in reply to North says:


              Frr, V’ir frra bguref fnl guvf naq V whfg qba’g haqrefgnaq guvf (gung vg vf n fgrc onpxjneqf sbe Fnafn nf n punenpgre).

              Jung unf Fnafn RIRE qbar va-fubj, lrg, gb fubj NAL ntrapl jungfbrire, bgure guna oevrsyl qlr ure unve naq chg ba fbzr tbgu fglyr?

              V zrna, fur unf yrg urefrys snyy haqre gur guenyy bs *Yvggyrsvatre* – lbh xabj, gur thl jub fnvq ur jbhyq orgenl ure qnq, gura qvq; gura perrcrq ba Fnafn fvapr ur pbhyq ab ybatre perrc ba ure zbz; gura fgenvtug-hc zheqrerq ure penml Nhag Ylfn; naq abj nccrnef gb or hfvat ure nf n cnja va jungrire ur vf hc gb, j/e/g gur Obygbaf/Ynaavfgref.

              Yrg zr ercrng – fur vf gnxvat qverpgvba sebz YVGGYRSVATRE.

              Yvggyrsvatre vf arire lbhe nyyl, Fnafn, naq vf ab bar gb or rzhyngrq rvgure.

              Rira Fnafn’f ovt “fgnaqvat hc” zbzrag bs gryyvat bss Enzfrl’f zvfgerff, juvpu fbzr crbcyr fnj nf oenir, jnf vafgrnq vaperqvoyl fghcvq – fvapr Fnafn nffhzrq nyy gung gnyx bs “uhagvat” naq “ubhaqf” jnf gur rzcgl gnyx bs n wrnybhf ebznagvp eviny, engure guna irel irel erny. Vs nalbar fubhyq unir ab vyyhfvbaf ng guvf cbvag nf gb jurgure cflpubcnguf rkvfg, lbh’q guvax vg’q or Fnafn, sbezre orgebgurq bs Wbsserl, ohg ab.Report

              • Avatar North in reply to Glyph says:

                Jryy zbfg Fnafn snaf ner nyfb pbzcnevat vg gb ure cebterff va gur obbxf. Va gur obbxf fur’f zbirq irel vaperzragnyyl shegure sbejneq guna fur qvq va gur fubj naq Yvggyrsvatre unf na bqq, ohg abg fb xarr fynccvat vafnar cyna sbe ure.

                V zrna Fnafn’f unq n enj qrny nyy nebhaq. Vg’f orpbzr na bcra dhrfgvba jurgure Znegva ernyyl rire unq n cyna sbe ure ng nyy be vs ur fvzcyl arrqrq n CBI punenpgre gb or va Xvatf’ Ynaqvat juvyr Glevba jnf shegure nsvryq be vzcevfbarq naq n ivpgvz sbe na nffbegzrag bs punenpgref gb qrzbafgengr gurve znyribyrapr ba be va gur cerfrapr bs. Sbe gur fubj gb onfvpnyyl fuhag gur ynff vagb gur ebyr bs uncyrff erfphr onvg gung jnf cynlrq ol n gehzcrq hc znvq va gur obbxf srryf xvaq bs yvxr na vzcyvpvg nqzvffvba gung, lrnu, Fnafn arire ernyyl unq n ebyr.Report

              • Avatar Chris in reply to Glyph says:

                Jung unf Fnafn RIRE qbar va-fubj, lrg, gb fubj NAL ntrapl jungfbrire, bgure guna oevrsyl qlr ure unve naq chg ba fbzr tbgu fglyr?Jung unf Fnafn RIRE qbar va-fubj, lrg, gb fubj NAL ntrapl jungfbrire, bgure guna oevrsyl qlr ure unve naq chg ba fbzr tbgu fglyr?

                There’s Jung sneaking into even your coded message about your archetype-driven new myths.Report

              • Avatar Dave in reply to Chris says:

                People that feel the need to speak in code speak in code because they obviously don’t lift.

                Broscience tip of the day.Report

              • Avatar Glyph in reply to Dave says:

                Oh, fperj you guys. 😉Report

  8. Avatar Pyre says:

    I don’t know if you’ll look at this or not but Maribou asked me to find a Youtube of this for you. Suffice to say this is probably the reason for the Elimination Chamber being hated.