Monthly Archive: June 2015


In Celebration of Canada Day, Jonathan writes 1400 words about punk rock.

Lend a hand?

An old friend of the site’s best friend needs medical support and it probably won’t be cheap.

Discussing the Unilateral Exit Right…

Dave discusses the unilateral exit right (i.e. secession), how the legal argument was framed, and shares a few additional thoughts. Dave also suggests reading it before bed time.

Big Monday, 2015

The Supreme Court adjourns for the Term with decisions about redistricting, air pollution, and executions. Burt Likko summarizes each of them, and offers a sad observation about judicial comity losing one of its most prominent sentinels,


The title of this post is a trademark violation.

Dear Straight Republicans…

It’s way past time for rank and file Republicans who are gay supportive to speak up.

Pride and Progress

Kazzy saw something interesting at the Stonewall Inn…

churches burning

Seven black churches have burned since Roof murdered nine people because they were black. Four, thus far, have been found to be arson.


We saw Jurassic World and I’d talk about it in this post except I’ll be darned if I can remember anything about it.

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