Jaybird is Birdmojo on Xbox Live and Jaybirdmojo on Playstation's network. He's been playing consoles since the Atari 2600 and it was Zork that taught him how to touch-type. If you've got a song for Wednesday, a commercial for Saturday, a recommendation for Tuesday, an essay for Monday, or, heck, just a handful a questions, fire off an email to

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3 Responses

  1. Hoosegow Flask says:

    Bad Luck Brian: Place to myself and finally have a real chance to dive into The Witcher 3… power outrage.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Hoosegow Flask says:

      Dude. That *TOTALLY* sucks.

      I would need to buy a new rig to play it and I’m trying to kick that particular can down the road until Cyberpunk 2077.

      But, dang, that totally sucks.Report

      • Hoosegow Flask in reply to Jaybird says:

        I definitely feel the itch to upgrade, but I keep telling myself to wait until both AMD’s next gen is released and to see what impact DX12 will really have. Besides, I can run W3 well enough (but not maxed out) at 2560×1600.Report