Daily Archive: May 22, 2015

Should We Retire the Mystery Man?

The figure is traditionally taken to be a “he”: Maybe it’s because he seems to be bald. Whatever the explanation, and despite WP’s decision to rename him the “Mystery Person,” relying on him or zir or it may still qualify as sexist. Plus he happens to be… white.

Punk Rock History’s Not Where I Wanna Be

The punk activist scene in DC of the heady 80s and 90s is apparently inspirational to many people today. I was there and I’m still trying to figure it all out. Passing into history is strange.

On the Way to Fraud [UPDATED]

How does a completely made-up experiment end up in a major scientific publication, get covered by the media around the world, and even influence policy and practice? The answer is really simple, and really complicated.

Puerto Rico

Linky Friday #116

This Week: Politics, Healthcare, Society, Puerto Rico, and China!


Summer unofficially kicks off this weekend. Saints preserve us.

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