David Letterman’s Great Music (Already Updated!)

Sam Wilkinson

According to a faithful reader, I'm Ordinary Times's "least thoughtful writer." So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

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13 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    Steve Martin & his banjo…Report

  2. Glyph says:

    R.E.M.’s first national TV appearance ever, 1983; they briefly discuss Athens, and why their debut LP Murmur is cheaper than other bands’ records; “So. Central Rain” is so new it doesn’t yet have a name:

    Dinosaur Jr. (dig that longbox!)- the Letterman house guitarist takes the first “solo” (under the verse still); then J takes the second (I guess real “solo”) and just goes to TOWN.


    • Saul Degraw in reply to Glyph says:

      Wow look at how young Michael Stipe is!!! And he has hair!! I didn’t know about R.E.M. until Automatic for the People (I was 12 or 13 when Automatic for the People came out).

      X appeared on Letterman as well. I guess being on that late allowed for more freedom. Or maybe people were more experimental and liberal with what music got on TV and Radio in the 1980s.Report

      • Glyph in reply to Saul Degraw says:

        I would have been about twelve when that performance aired, and no way was I listening to R.E.M. (or staying up to watch Letterman, or any other way to hear of them) at that time. Probably I was rockin’ to Journey. Heck, I was still a year away from Van Halen’s 1984!

        I wouldn’t cotton on to R.E.M. until 1987, when Document was just inescapable in my neck of the woods.

        And about that hair, all I have to say is: They Airbrushed My Face!Report

      • Glyph in reply to Saul Degraw says:

        And why didn’t you embed the X? They aren’t my favorite songs, but the band sounds good.


  3. Glyph says:

    Also, I enjoyed this rundown of “unreleased” Letterman bits:


  4. Chris says:

    A couple more recent:

    View on YouTube


    View on YouTubeReport

  5. Vikram Bath says:

    I have no way of picking a favorite, but I love this clip of Lenny Kravitz jamming with Paul Schaffer and company playing “Always on the Run”.

  6. Will H. says:

    Letterman’s band was the band Ace Frehley used on his first solo album, minus Paul Schafer.
    I’d say it was pretty good without any keyboards.Report

  7. Slade the Leveller says:

    How about the time XTC came out of hibernation? Oh, what might have been!