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  1. Avatar CK says:

    Hey, I’m begnning my weekend! by checking out a new commenting (dys?)functionality.Report

  2. Avatar CK says:

    aargh – gotta futz with some futzables – but I do think y’all will like the new options once they’re actually selectable…Report

  3. Avatar CK says:

    Btw… I never noticed before how… well, cruddy… the site looks on Safari compared to other browsers… font-rendering-wise… gonna have to look into thatReport

    • Avatar Michael Cain says:

      What kind of rendering problems? Just idle curiosity. Firefox and Safari look almost identical on my Mac, but of course I’m forcing my own choice of fonts and (to some extent) sizes on things. I’ve also taken steps to force both to use the native sub-pixel anti-aliasing instead of anything else.Report

  4. Avatar Will Truman says:

    One of the downsides to getting the phone swapped out is that I have lost all of my progress on the Flow Free game (featured in the image on the post). I was probably about 2/3 the way through mastering it.

    Every game should have a premium feature that will use Google Drive (or Dropbox) to save your progress across devices.

    Android app developers are really pretty cruddy about monetization. There are a lot of cases where “If they added this feature, I would pay for it” when I don’t think it would actually be too terribly difficult to add it. I am driven especially crazy when I would pay money to make ads and nags go away, and I can’t.Report

  5. Avatar CK says:

    some small chance that this commenting subscription attempt will kind of work one way or another more or less maybeReport

  6. Avatar CK MacLeod says:

    Hmmm well where do I go if I auto-subscribe to this post and then check mange my subs?Report

  7. Avatar Hoosegow Flask says:

    I never played Majora’s Mask, but it sounds like a similar mechanic was borrowed by Half-Minute Hero. Like the name suggests, you only have 30 seconds to stop the bad guy from ending the world. Time is paused in towns and you can reset at various points of the gameplay and you have to figure out how to complete each mission within the allotted time.Report

  8. Avatar Kim says:

    I played a dating sim with the same conceit. Except it was “go back in time and relive your high school career” — and try not to get hit by a bus in the first year…Report