Monthly Archive: May 2015


Person of Interest Season Four *FINALLY* has a Blu-Ray Release date!

How do Lawyers have Sex?

When we discussed Laura Kipnis’s article on “sexual paranoia” in academia here, most thought she was off base. Well, rest assured,

Blanket Training

The Josh Duggar Scandal is really about the cult of ATI and other Christian publishers, a radical cult that fosters abuse of children and women in the name of Christ to benefit a Christianist publishing industry.


That feeling you get when you finish two three-month projects on the same day.

Why I Am A Secularist: Icky Scandal Edition

In which the comparative fallout of the recent Duggan and LaCour scandals act as an illustration of why, despite my best efforts otherwise, I choose to continue to turn to science and not religion.

NFL Extortion, and Point(s)-After

Three former Los Angeles teams are looking at moving back to Los Angeles, and they’re trying to make PAT’s more boring. I approve of neither of these developments.