Stupid Thursday Questions: Powers of Suggestion Edition

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11 Responses

  1. Oscar Gordon says:

    It really did taste like a blubbery and had the consistency of a chewy bagel or muffin.

    I expect something blubbery would be rather chewy.Report

  2. Notme says:

    Everybody loves hypnotoad!Report

  3. I’m sure I succumb to suggestion all the time. But I just can’t recall any of them at the moment.Report

  4. Will H. says:

    Are you suggesting that I would succumb to suggestion?Report

  5. Kim says:

    The prime characteristic of blueberries is sour, so I don’t think you’re imagining things.

    Wine, on the other hand, is often designed to bring out taste hallucinations (where one’s prior taste-mappings determine what one says it tastes like.) If a wine is strongly flavored, it will taste like grapes — it’s only the weakly flavored ones that taste like peanut butter.Report

  6. Mike Dwyer says:

    I may possibly be in the throes of a serious ‘power of suggestion’ episode myself. My lower back has been acting up enough lately that I scheduled a visit to my physical therapist or, as I call him, the Miracle Worker. This guy has a PhD in physical therapy and so trust him perhaps more than I should. He combines deep tissue work, ‘aggressive’ realignment and some basic exercises that usually get me back on track with a couple of weeks. Well this time he has some new tricks…

    He has been subjecting me to something called ‘dry needling’ which involves pushing a total of 8 needles about 2 inches deep on both sides of my spine and then running an electric current throuhh them for 10 minutes. It sounds like poppycock but damn if it doesn’t work. I get days of relief while my muscles are allowed to heal.

    He completely sold me when he described the science behind it but then I told a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon and he said it was horse shit.He admitted though that the power of suggestion is a powerful thing. So…am I an idiot or should I just play along so long as it appears to work?Report