Daily Archive: April 22, 2015

Adventures in civic marketing

Not Clickhole: Saskatchewan town “rethinks its ‘Land of Rape and Honey’ slogan”.

Context Matters: Netflix’s Daredevil

If you think about Daredevil within the broader limits of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, your brain will explode like that one guy’s that Kingpin smashed in his vehicle’s door. So don’t do that.

A Bully Pulpit Indeed

New Zealand’s Prime Minister apparently needs a lesson in manners.

Research Complements Teaching

Research, in addition to teaching, deserves to be part of a good university’s mission.

Repairing your own car violates the copyright of others

There’s a suit arguing that car enthusiasts who repair and/or tune their own car may be in violation of the DMCA. This could also affect independent third-party repair shops who do stuff like repair...

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