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  1. Road Scholar says:

    What am I playing? Geocaching this morning at a rest area in Nebraska. Started this game/hobby at the urging of my oldest daughter last fall. I don’t have a great number of finds yet but the ones I have are spread all over the country. Literally coast to coast.Report

    • aaron david in reply to Road Scholar says:

      I would think you have an almost perfect profession for that.Report

      • Road Scholar in reply to aaron david says:

        Yes and no. It’s good for picking up caches as part of a nice little break in my day. A little exercise, stretch my legs. But I’m pretty much limited to caches within reasonable walking distance from truck parking. So mostly rest areas and pull-offs for historical markers and such. But yeah, a fair number of truckers do this.

        When I’m home we like to go caching as a family activity, too.Report

  2. Brandon Berg says:

    Why were characters in 80s breakfast food commercials such terrible people?Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    I am also playing Pillars. My first character was a Druid, but I was not enjoying it. I started over with a cipher, and I am enjoying the class more.Report

  4. Slade the Leveller says:

    Golf! It’s finally temperate enough to play here in the Windy City and I’m making the most of it.Report

  5. DavidTC says:

    I am playing Survivalist, which is the zombie survival rebuilt society game I wanted State of Decay to be, but wasn’t.Report

  6. Will H. says:

    Short answer:
    I want a Civ IV.V.
    I like the leaders from Civ IV, and the greater number of civilizations. And the espionage screen.
    OTOH, Civ V has city-states, giant death robots, hex grid, and a few other tweaks I really like.

    That said, I will probably need a new computer to run Civ VI.Report

    • Burt Likko in reply to Will H. says:

      I like the city-states but I don’t like that you can only take like two of them before they all unite against you. The whole point of the city-states is that they try to play the larger powers off one another and cause wars. But when they all unite against you, it’s just a huge war and you become the big meanie and the whole world unites against you all at once to save poor little Ragusa who really had it coming anyway.

      I like the giant death robots. Damn cool.

      Other than that, not having the ability to stack dozens of units and expend truly obscene amounts of war materiel takes a bit of my joy away.

      And while it should be tough to build a Wonder of the World, it should also be possible to do so without crippling your entire civilization, else what’s the point of having them?

      Neutral on hex versus square tiles.

      I preferred Civ IV to Civ V.Report