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  1. Will Truman says:

    Lain’s refusal to sleep through the night is reaching crisis levels. My previous plan, of moving a bed into her room so that I can easily put her back in her bed when she gets out, has only demonstrated that the problem is more complex than we thought (it’s not strictly a matter of her getting out of bed to find me. She is addicted to the bottle… and us). I’m going to spend the weekend trying to figure out what the crap to do about the mess we’ve found ourselves in. The child specialist came by today, and I’d been kind of waiting for her visit to help strategize. Unfortunately, she’s convinced that the problem is something other than what we believe the problem was, so we talked less about the avenues we might want to take and more about something we’re pretty sure isn’t the problem. There may be a post on it.

    We got a virtual fence for the dog. I put out some flags on the perimeter (it’s a signal, as opposed to something burried in the ground. The good news is that after a week of being tethered by a 25ft leash, the dog has gotten the sense that she needs to not explore so far.

    Last night the little girl and the dog woke me up five times. So exhausted. Almost didn’t get Linky Friday prepped out of sheer exhaustion.Report

  2. Maribou says:

    Not only did I do it, but you actually made it HARDER for me to do it, because I had them all picked out and then OH NO, we had to call Dman because you thought he already had some of those… and then when he didn’t I said GOOD I AM GETTING ALL OF THEM THEN.

    Looking over my shoulder and providing advice does not a purchase make.

    (Different than the other one, which was totally your idea, and would’ve been even if I had been the one clicking the buttons. This one, I was wanting to do at all steps and would’ve done even if you were off in Maryland or something.)

    As for my weekend, it will be busy. Dinner tonight with work friends, need to make a bunch of calls before work tomorrow, more calls and some crucial errands early on Saturday, gaming on Saturday night, and Easter with the family Sunday noon, a late afternoon wedding Sunday evening, AND social time on Sunday night.

    Last weekend was so restful. Hope this weekend after this one is too.Report

    • Tod Kelly in reply to Maribou says:

      Yikes, Sunday looks almost undoable busy.Report

      • Maribou in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        @tod-kelly seems possible that the sunday night social time (which is with one of the hosts of our gaming group) will take place saturday post-gaming instead, due to the needs of someone we will be socializing with over the internets at the same time. which would normally be too many things… but this weekend it might be preferable.Report

  3. James K says:

    Now I have a shiny new computer to replace my completely non-functional one, I have started playing Pillars of Eternity.Report

  4. Saul Degraw says:

    Tonight is the Seder.

    Tomorrow I will be going to the Met and hanging with my friend Jennie.

    Sunday is for Ghosts at BAM


  5. Chris says:

    Date night tonight.

    Teenager, who is into radio stuff, has found his way into a public radio project about Texas people. His portion is about art cars, so tomorrow I’m taking him around to interview some art car people (there are many in Austin).

    Then a game, then some music (hopefully while in a celebratory mood).Report

  6. Will Truman says:

    In other news, my brother’s new Facebook picture looks a lot like Marchmaine’s gravatar. This has caused me confusion.Report

  7. Fish says:

    I’m excited about PoE as well, but I have plenty of other stuff to play right now (Wasteland 2, Dragon Age 2, XCOM on Classic) that I’m waiting for a Steam sale. I’ve also had Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on my wish list forever and I always find an excuse to not buy it when it goes on sale. Anyone have any opinion o this game?Report

  8. Mike Dwyer says:

    Interesting day in Louisville. We have gotten a LOT of rain in the last 24 hours so we have flash flooding all over town. I work in an area very prone to flooding so the drive into work was an adventure. Lots of partially submerged cars. When I left this afternoon (after more rain) the 4-lane road that takes me to the freeway was completely covered by water in spots and down to one lane in others. Luckily the truck has enough clearance that I made it through but I was white-knuckles for a few minutes. And on top of all of that,. there was a also a huge fire at the GE plant.


    Tomorrow night we are going to watch a roller derby. Should be very fun. Sunday we will eat deviled eggs and chocolate bunnies and most importantly, kick off Bloody Mary season. Supplies have been purchased and I am counting the minutes until the first one hits my lips.Report

    • Tod Kelly in reply to Mike Dwyer says:

      Roller Derby?!

      How in agnostic God’s name is that a thing in Louisville instead of Portland?Report

      • North in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        Tod, for opposite reasons. A roller derby in Portland was probably started in 2007 as an ironically retro thing. A roller derby in Louisville was probably started in 1977 and is an enduring historical institution.Report

      • Mike Dwyer in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        Tod /North,

        While North’s theory would probably hold true 90% of the time, the Derby City Roller Girls were started in 2005. A friend told us about it and it sounded fun so we now have a group of 10 going. After we got the tickets I found out a coworker is on the team, which is hilarious because she is about the most straight-laced person in the office, so now I’m super-intrigued to see what it is all about. I’ve watched it on TV but never in person. Should be a good Saturday night.Report

      • Maribou in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        @tod-kelly @mike-dwyer Having friends who… whatever that verb would be, I was all “it’s totally a thing in Portland!!!”

        Quick googling later, it turns out there are so many roller derby teams in Portland they even have a men’s team! LIttle more googling later, it turns out that since 2007 there have been lots of men’s teams popping up!

        I feel so 2004…Report

      • Miss Mary in reply to Tod Kelly says:

        Actually, roller durby is popular in the PNW. One of my sisters is in a team.Report

  9. Tod Kelly says:

    I have a ton of writing to do this weekend, and some research as well. On Sunday I will be doing a turkey on the big green egg for Easter dinner, and we will hosting friends that are probably just plain family by now.

    I’m also planning on watching the last[1] of the Hobbit movies. I’ll ask be helping my son get to a day of refereeing preteen across games — his first real job — which makes me a little excited and proud.

    That might be about it.

    Oh! Except the REALLY big news for all of us in Portland, which is that Kyle Cupp and his family are moving here.

    [1] I think? Is it possible they will just keep making them, one after another, for decades? It kind of feels like it.Report

  10. dragonfrog says:

    So Mr. T is moving in with us at the end of the month, which is super exciting but also requires a lot of cleaning, as we have settled into a pattern of mess/clutter/outright hording that leaves just enough room for us two adults and one child to feel comfortable in our house. Making room for another adult and his piano calls for more rigorous than usual spring cleaning.

    The garage of doom is already considerably dedoomified, and the basement of doom is a good 15% less doomish than a week ago. Getting rid of all this stuff that was not serving us feels good.

    The theatre design class Fledermaus is teaching has their final presentation on Monday, so she will be spending most of Sunday at the university helping with the installation.Report

  11. Miss Mary says:

    Working the second job. Again. All I ever do is work any more.

    Snowboarding Sunday. Junior will be interested in eggs fled with chocolate, but that’s the extent of Easter in our lives.Report