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  1. Avatar Damon says:

    Yes, a good episode.

    Bester: “I had the impression I was in great danger”. Damn right with half a dozen cannons targeting your shuttle 🙂

    It’s unfortunate that the Vorlons don’t get much play in the series. By the end we know what they are and what they have done but there never was much info about them as a society/race/culture. But it is clear that that manipulating other races via telepathy and other things is something they’ve been doing for a long time… the interesting question is whether or not the human concepts of god and religion are even innate to the species or where they implanted into us by the vorlon?Report

    • Avatar Dman in reply to Damon says:

      Do the ends justify the means. The end in this one is good by trying to stop the cycle of violence. But, the means definitely feel shady with Kosh manipulating G’kar through his religion, and knowing that this is not the first time to happen, it sure lends to the belief that they are manipulating the Narn (and most likely any race that saw them as angles). Right now I feel like the Vorlon are acting like the parents of the younger races and using whatever carrot/stick they have to get them to behave.

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  2. Avatar Pinky says:

    Any Londo and Vir is good Londo and Vir. The Dust story didn’t have much payoff for me, though. That’s an interesting comment from the show’s creator about Bester, but for me it was just a disappointment that the whole thing ended on a nefarious note. I would have taken him more seriously if he’d been successful and right, or even unsuccessful and right.

    As for the Kosh thing, I was ok with it. You’re right that a Christian can view it negatively. I’d read Straczynski’s comments back when I was first watching the show, and I knew he wasn’t a theist, but I could respect the way he allowed religion in a futuristic universe. It was a relief from the usual nothing-except-maybe-Native-Americans that you get in Star Trek and others. In a way, though, the show implies a much more negative view of religion than even the usual sci-fi, as it supposes a conspiracy.Report

  3. Avatar Jason Tank says:

    This comment is basically about Kosh.

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