Monthly Archive: April 2015

Why Nine Innings?

For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out.

Adventures in Marketing

You will not be surprised but a marketing team failed again….

An Unintentional Confession

Two startup founders reveal their true selves while eviscerating an employee in a blog post.

Don’t focus on the riots

Thoughts about the riots in Baltimore. But it can’t be just about the riots, can it?


This one’s for Schilling and Hershberger.


A quick look at three TV shows I’ve enjoyed this year, from newer or less-well-known sources.

Every New TV Season, On Every Network

A little while back on Hit Coffee I had a flashback post to old promos for fall seasons of ABC and Fox. Here’s one for just about every network:

An Honest Opinion, Honestly Arrived At

“When it comes to hours and labor regulations, I favor the policy that creates more jobs, but bad ones, over the policy that leads to fewer jobs, but good ones.”

Society must be defended!

Reflecting on four decades of social change and wondering if societies can change their norms without creating new categories of deviants.

Moon Over Kinloch

Petty Missouri small town politics strikes again. This time in a suburb of St. Louis.

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