Monthly Archive: March 2015

104 Years Ago Today

“I learned a new sound–a more horrible sound than description can picture…….”


Revisiting Maxinquaye, for real this time
(Or: Run-DMC is not involved).


It sells.

Four Questions for Jeb Bush

Conservative analyst Daniel Scotto ponders the odds and wisdom of the GOP nominating the ex-governor of Florida.

RIP Lee Kwan Yew

In Memoriam to Singapore’s first Prime Minister


I saw The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and I’m reading a fiction book with real words and without pictures.

The Unintended Costs of Bi-Partisanship : Updated!!!

A look at the laws that govern sex offenders shows that sometimes it’s those pieces of legislature we can all agree on that need the most scrutiny.

(Please note this post has been updated.)


For about six months in the late 80’s, this is how I answered the phone.