Glyph is worse than some and better than others. He believes that life is just one damned thing after another, that only pop music can save us now, and that mercy is the mark of a great man (but he's just all right). Nothing he writes here should be taken as an indication that he knows anything about anything.

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5 Responses

  1. greginak says:

    Mojave 3 has some beautiful dreamy and bittersweet songs.

    This is my favorite i think:

    Candle Song 3

  2. krogerfoot says:

    Well, this just confirms for me that when Swervedriver puts out a new album, I’ll drop whatever goddamn fool thing I was doing and acquire that album.

    I’m actually about to blast my way through the American West myself, but as I’ll be 35,000 above it, and sharing the vehicle with 300 people, I probably won’t be able to open up the old larynx in the way I have become accustomed.Report