The Stupidest thing I ever heard

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  1. Burt Likko says:

    It’s probably part and parcel of Floristghazi.Report

  2. DavidTC says:

    …the Mafia in Vegas?

    Are Republicans aware of what year it is? There is almost no organized crime operating in Vegas, and hasn’t been for decades. (Organized crime doesn’t operate particularly well where the vices they supply are *legal* and, more importantly, *very very regulated*.)

    Also, the idea that the Mafia would run around beating up *politicians* is, uh, fairly interesting. Organize crime *blackmails* politicians, or provides hookers and/or drugs, or blackmails politicians who take advantage of their hookers and/or drugs.

    Beating people up is *bookie* behavior.Report

  3. greginak says:

    Okay this is the stupidest thing i’ve heard today, but it’s early only around noon, so there is time. I haven’t even looked at most the poli blogs i follow, so this may get bumped down out of the medals.Report

  4. Mike Schilling says:

    “Harry, that’s a nice Senate you got there. I’d hate to see anything happen to it.”

    “Get the hell out of my office, Cruz.”Report

  5. Damon says:


    That sounds implausable. But I’ll be honest, “a piece of equipment Senator Reid was using to exercise broke, causing him to fall and break a number of ribs and bones in his face.” sounds pretty damn sketchy too. What kind of machine? Broke in what way? Christ, don’t reporters ask these questions or do they just rely on press releases? After all, shouldn’t Consumer Reports be looking at any possible rash of Congressperson injuries from work out machines?!!??Report

    • DavidTC in reply to Damon says:

      It was a resistance band breaking. Or possibly slipping.

      His type of injury is actually pretty common, including the eye injury. It’s like being punched really hard, often in the face or even the eye.

      You can see some really example on Youtube of people who happened to be filming themselves when it happened.

      And I really suspect there *will* be lawsuits about this sort of thing, eventually.Report

      • morat20 in reply to DavidTC says:

        Ouch. I’ve seen one of those break. NOT pretty.

        That was a 35 year old who had it break. Smacked him in the face, bloodied up his nose, and that was BEFORE he hit the ground. (Surprising thing about them breaking. Not only does part of it whip back and hit you, but you’ve been exerting all this force and suddenly there’s no resistance and Newton strikes with a vengeance).

        He looked like he went a few rounds with a heavyweight boxer. I can’t imagine what it’d look like if it happened when you’re pushing 70.Report

      • DavidTC in reply to DavidTC says:

        Yeah, and the nose is a million times better than the eye, which is apparently where Reid got it.Report

  6. Kim says:

    Not the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard, luckily.
    “You put projectile vomiting on your resume?”
    “You e-mailed your plans to moon the Queen to Scotland Yard? Did you not check your mailing list??”
    “Your soloist is a Whale? That’s why we’re recording on a helipad?”
    “Your dog exploded your house? HOW?”

    … real life stupidity is always, always crazier than what people make up.Report