Poppy Crop

Burt Likko

Pseudonymous Portlander. Homebrewer. Atheist. Recovering Republican. Recovering Catholic. Recovering divorcé. Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Ordinary Times. Relapsed Lawyer, admitted to practice law (under his real name) in California and Oregon. On Twitter, to his frequent regret, at @burtlikko. House Likko's Words: Scite Verum. Colite Iusticia. Vivere Con Gaudium.

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14 Responses

  1. zic says:

    The blue flower may be indigo bush.

    The leaf on the center-left edge is a lupine leaf; I’m guessing they’ll be out in another week or two.Report

  2. Michael Cain says:

    As a fan of high-altitude near-deserts, I enjoyed all of these. We’re still weeks away from the wildflower season here, but when our last round of snow melted off this past week, there were patches of green being uncovered.Report

    • zic in reply to Michael Cain says:

      ‘weeks away.’


      We’ve gotten another half-foot and growing of snow this weekend.

      I almost booked a trip to somewhere warm; but decided to be a stoic and wait for wildflowers in my own back yard.Report

      • Michael Cain in reply to zic says:

        I can pretty safely predict that over the next several weeks we’ll have — in no particular order — sunshine, more snow, sunshine, flooding from the run off, sunshine, an early-season thunderstorm or three, and more sunshine. Really good sunshine, too, not that miserable excuse for sunshine the eastern half of the country usually has…Report

      • North in reply to zic says:

        Yeah it’s amusing as hell to talk to my Mother on the phone @zic. She’s up in Nova Scotia north and east of you. She loves to skii so that is her silver lining but she’s irritated that she’s skiing over top of her gardens when she’d very much rather be down in them getting ready for spring.Report

      • Jaybird in reply to zic says:

        Yesterday, Maribou told me about the “Saint Patrick’s Snowstorm” enjoyed by PEI every year. It doesn’t always happen *ON* Saint Paddy’s Day, but it usually happens within a week of it and it’s celebrated as the last snowstorm worth mentioning until (the other) Thanksgiving.Report

      • North in reply to zic says:

        @Jaybird Word is the snow is so deep on PEI this year that they’re are just roofing over their driveways.Report

  3. Saul Degraw says:

    Nice photos and essay.

    The Dessert is my least favorite form of topography. I have always been one for forrests and beaches. This pretty much means I need to live in the Pacific Northwest or the Northeast.Report

  4. Damon says:

    I always preferred the lupen. Purple is a prettier color on the sides of the gorges.Report

  5. Johanna says:

    Sigh. There are things I miss and don’t miss about California. I definitely miss the poppies. Your pictures are lovely but seeing them is something else and definitely unforgettable and breathtaking. Enjoy your little bit of heaven! We haven’t even got our snow drops sprouting here yet.Report

  6. Will H. says:

    I like this. Thanks for sharing.Report