Netflix’s “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” Is Great, Not Good, And That’s Okay


Sam Wilkinson

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  1. Avatar Glyph

    “Schmidt decides that she is going home. “

    There’s a “not” missing here, I think.

    “two stepchildren, Buckley and Xanthippe.”

    Buckley is her child, Xan is her stepchild.

    Yeah, this show’s pretty great. I guess NBC has just given up entirely on comedy – even with the dark premise, and the fact that 30 Rock never got ratings commensurate with its quality, it seems so weird for them to have passed on this.

    And Kemper is fantastic at playing someone who is naive and optimistic, but never stupid or small-minded. That’s a tough line to toe.

    I rewatched the first couple with my wife, since she hadn’t seen it yet, and like 30 Rock there are details you miss the first time around – for me it was noticing all the lion-themed art in Titus’ apartment, perfect for his long obsession with being in The Lion King.Report

    • Avatar Sam Wilkinson in reply to Glyph

      Corrections made. A not was missing, and I really thought Buckley was another stepchild.

      And you’re right about Kemper’s ability to play the character as you described it. You never once doubt her genuine surprise at Durnsville having an OG, and you never once think that her confusing an MacBook for an iPhone is because she’d dumb.Report

  2. Avatar Steven

    I think you meant it’s an “ensemble” cast, “assemble cast” doesnt really make any sense.Report

  3. Avatar ScarletNumber

    Sadly I don’t have Netflix. Which is a shame because this show seems like it would be right up my alley.

    I was a fan of 30 Rock and of Ellie Kemper on The Office. Oh well, I guess I will wait for the DVDs.

    FunFact: Did you know that Kemper is the great-great niece of the namesake of Kemper Arena in Kansas City? The Devils played there for 2 years as the Scouts. Owen Hart also died there.Report

  4. Avatar Mike Schilling

    Is Jon Hamm playing someone really stupid? If so, I’m in 100%.Report

  5. Avatar Brian Murphy

    Unbreakable! They alive, damnit! It’s a miracle!
    Unbreakable! They alive, damnit! But females are as strong as hell!Report

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