Walker’s Education, The Continuing Saga


Michael Drew

Michael Drew is a Wisconsinite currently residing in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He enjoys thinking and writing about politics, history, and philosophy, listening to music and podcasts of all kinds, watching and occasionally playing sports, and playing the cello.

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  1. “As governor, in 2013, Walker led a trade mission to China, where he secured an exclusive deal with a large Chinese medicine company to sell Wisconsin-grown ginseng in its retail stores.”

    Not nothing!Report

  2. Avatar Damon says:

    Good that he’s coming up to speed. Maybe then, if he gets elected, he can actually understand what the deep state forces him to do go along with.Report

  3. Avatar Notme says:

    It sounds like Walker can learn about foreign policy. I wonder if Hillary can learn to be honest or tell the truth?Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Notme says:

      Walker had his own e-mail server. That should give him some bona fides right there.Report

    • Avatar Kim in reply to Notme says:

      Why would you want an honest man in politics?
      Who the fuck wants another Jimmy Carter????Report

      • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Kim says:

        People who have grown sick of Nixons and Fords?

        That’s how we got here, anyway.Report

      • Avatar Burt Likko in reply to Kim says:

        A more worrisome question: is another Jimmy Carter exactly what we have got right now?Report

      • Avatar Kim in reply to Kim says:

        Nope. Obama’s a realist, and we’re gearing up for the next wars. Anyone who tells you otherwise ought to know more people in the military, particularly the strategic end.

        He’s also willing to craft a decent deal, and understands that the only time you can bury the hatchet is with your enemies — but the best time for burying the hatchet is when your enemy is down on his knees (Iran can NOT sustain the current oil prices).

        He’ll craft half a deal (with full industry support) and a wicked barb inside — if that’s not the best metaphor for Obamacare, spin me another.Report

      • Avatar j r in reply to Kim says:

        If you are talking about Obama, I don’t think the comparison with Carter works very well.

        Obama was re-elected for one and also managed to pass some significant legislation. Carter is probably best understood as having been left holding the bag for a type of tax and spend liberalism that was already on its way out of vogue.

        David Dinkins might be the politician most comparable to Carter.Report

      • Avatar Kim in reply to Kim says:

        I mention Carter with respect to his international policies only, where he truly was a blithering idealist. Decent chap domestically speaking.Report

  4. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    Good God, he’s studying with Elliott Abrams and Marc “Soccer is a socialist sport” Thiessen? We’d be better off if he stayed ignorant.Report

  5. Avatar Kolohe says:

    An article that has to explain who Dwight Eisenhower is doesn’t think much of the educational level of its audience, does it?Report

  6. Avatar NoPublic says:

    People who don’t have to live with this guy have no idea. In person he’s like a weird cross between that guy at the bar who won’t shut up about “Obummer” after 2 beers and an Eliza program that’s been trained only on right wing radio transcripts. Getting any kind of answer out of him is nigh impossible, all he does is regurgitate his own “accomplishments” and garbled talking points. He’d be an embarrassment on the national stage, maybe not of the Sarah Palin level but darn close.

    I despise the fact that a combination of apathy, gerrymandering and the flat-out racist politics of this state have put him in complete control of our political future based on 28% of eligible voters and he’s treated it like a mandate for every ALEC-sponsored piece of leg he an fast-track into place before it implodes on him. For the short term it’s survivable and at least there’s some hope that we can recover from it but I don’t think we can take a Walker economy on a national scale at this point.Report

    • Avatar Notme in reply to NoPublic says:

      Do you want cheese with your whine? If he was a dem you would be telling us how great he is. Not to mention that saying he was elected in part to racism is just pathetic. Dems poured a lot of money into booting him and still couldn’t so maybe the people of wisc like him.Report

      • Avatar NoPublic in reply to Notme says:

        If he was a “Dem” he wouldn’t be pushing through laws like RTW and Act 10, so I probably wouldn’t be bitching as much.
        Some people in Wisconsin do like him. Racist and short-sighted people.
        You didn’t see the billboards and ads here. You didn’t talk to his ground crew. They aren’t even subtle about how the “urban and college folks” are ruining WI, and don’t even get me started on his “education” issues.Report

      • Avatar Notme in reply to Notme says:

        Sorry i dont see why liberals whine so much about a right to work. How is forcing people to join a union in order to be able to work,equitable, good policy or even fair? I suppose it is for the workers own good that they are forced to join?Report

      • Avatar NoPublic in reply to Notme says:

        I’m not here to give you an education on the Labour movement. If you want to understand why Union Dues are the way they are it requires knowledge of the legal and political landscape and history of Labour. The short answer is that Unions are required by law to represent *all* employees under contract, even those not in the union. Were this not the case, recouping the portion of dues related to those expenses wouldn’t be necessary. The long answer is “read some Labour history and get back to me when you have actually understood it”.Report

      • Avatar dragonfrog in reply to Notme says:

        a weird cross between that guy at the bar who won’t shut up about “Obummer” after 2 beers and an Eliza program that’s been trained only on right wing radio transcripts.

        From what I’ve been able to gather, you pretty much just described @notme while you were at it.

        Thanks to Poe’s law, I’m not actually sure if Notme is for real or not.Report

      • Avatar Saul DeGraw in reply to Notme says:


        You and me both…..

        There was another Internet community where we had a NotMe type person who was eventually revealed to be a catfish type of person…Report

      • Avatar Kim in reply to Notme says:

        bots are somewhat difficult to program, and nobody’s making much of a profit off notme.
        We also haven’t killed anyone around here, so it’s not the FBI. (That was a joke, the FBI is currently investigating diaper-wearing furries. For Psychology! — for the love of god, don’t post on boards where people regularly fantasize about mass murdering sprees…)Report

    • Avatar j r in reply to NoPublic says:

      @nopublic and @notme

      Are you guys engaged in some form of performance art?Report

      • Avatar Kim in reply to j r says:

        Yeah, probably. There are productive things to do with your time, but watching lefties and righties go to town on labor unions (particularly ossified ones which don’t show much semblance of Survival of the Fittest) is just plain boring.

        We might better discuss… basically anything at all.
        Sides, 20 years from now the unions will be dead, alongside the jobs they used to protect.Report

  7. Avatar rmass says:

    I’m not sure listening to c+ Augustus team on fp is any sort of good thingReport

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