Monthly Archive: March 2015

The Jurisprudence Of Found-Object Taxidermy

A squib in the popular press. A recollected anecdote. A recent law review article. A reference to ska music from the late 1980’s. A daring proposal resting upon an untestable postulate. A recasting of intellectual incentives.

Perfect blogfodder.


Shake it off your shoes.

Getting Indiana’s RFRA Right

I know it’s popular to hate on Vox these days, but their explainer on the contentious and controversial Indiana RFRA is the first and only major media piece I’ve seen to address most of...

Tiny Violins

Dennis Sanders is having a hard time hearing the tiny violins coming from social conservatives.

To Make Them More Lost

With so much stacked against them, this is not what people with depression needed.

Fear Factor

Dennis Sanders thinks the ongoing debate in Indiana is about LGBT rights, religious liberty and about the times we live in.


Wherein I remember that I kinda ripped off PBS.


Remember the board game Descent? They not only fixed it, they Star Warsed it.

Once And For All

A verdict in Rome from which there will be no further appeal.

Linky Friday #108

This week includes Nature, Violence, Culture, Urban Design, and Government! It does not include an animated gif. It almost did, but I value you too much.


WrestleMania descends upon us once again. The only question is whether the no-longer-bulletproof Undertaker has found his kevlar.

Taking Over the Castle

Becky Gunderson writes from the front lines of the place where most ground wars are fought: the household.