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  1. Morat20 says:

    If you squint really hard, Love Letter might qualify. I mean, the conceit IS you’re trying to get your love letter to the princess and win her hand.

    I’m not gaming any this weekend (full weekend what with Valentine’s day plans with my wife — we already had tickets to The Magic Flute tonight, so slap on sushi after and it’s a date — stuff with my brother, and dealing with my car) but I am about to blow a hundred or so bucks (saved Amazon cards) on board and card games.

    Thinking Galaxy Truckers, Cosmic Encounters for board games — and my own copy of Love Letter and Dixit.Report

  2. zic says:

    Watching: Last night, I watched Frida, and I liked it very much. I recommend it.

    Today, we’re having blizzard. We needed more snow or something. Began working on a photoproject to document the businesses sprouting up around Maine’s marijuana industry; a visit to a glass shop. This is kind of a gray area; the paraphernalia sold here is legal, but only if the merchant sells it as “tobacco products.” I’ll be going back; I had to study the photos I took to learn how to use their light box (never used one before.) I hope to collect images of grow-supply shops, farmers (called care givers,) and a medical dispensary, and try and collect some numbers from Maine revenue to put a size to the new economy, though I don’t think it’s new, it was just underground before.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to zic says:

      Colorado “glass shops” used to have signs that said “if you make any reference to these products in connection with illegal substances, you will be asked to leave”.

      Apparently, one of the stings that cops liked to run was busting owners for aiding and abetting marijuana use.

      But I find myself about to give a rant so I’ll stop here.Report