Daily Archive: January 30, 2015

Somethin’s Gotta Give

A traditional conservative irresistible force meets a traditional conservative immovable object in Texas.


There is, apparently, a sporting event this weekend.

Open to the Conversation

With recent conversations about who is and who isn’t a feminist, and why, on my mind, this passage from an interview with Netta Elzie caught my eye.

Linky Friday: Century Edition

Celebrating 100 Linky Fridays! This week: Crime, Culture, Children, Capitalism, Politics, Body, Mind, and Space

Review Of The Charges

A close look at the law and the allegations suggests that outrage about the Brandon Duncan prosecution may be based on incomplete information. Burt Likko dissects the charges and the law for your review, compares that to the advice of his colleagues, and then finishes his nightcap.