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  1. ScarletNumbers says:

    I am cleaning out my DVR, and my OCD prevents me from being able to delete something without at least having it play in the background.

    So, the 400 is on my TV right now.

    At the risk of sounding like @saul-degraw , how can anyone voluntarily watch this horseshit?Report

    • Mike Schilling in reply to ScarletNumbers says:

      Well, since none of us are watching it …Report

    • Brandon Berg in reply to ScarletNumbers says:

      Turns out their entire target audience is OCD people who accidentally DVR it.Report

      • ScarletNumbers in reply to Brandon Berg says:

        The sad part is that I DVRed it on purpose.

        The race was held at Pocono Raceway, which is a track shaped like a triangle, so that made the race a bit more interesting.

        Also, Dale Jr ended up taking the lead in Lap 147 (out of 160) and held on to win, even though it was close on the final restart on Lap 157. It was his 2nd victory at Pocono this year, in the first he was in 2nd place when the leader had a hot dog wrapper on the grill and had to slow down as to not overheat.Report

  2. Michael Cain says:

    Went to visit the granddaughter today. She’s walking everywhere now. My daughter says the “breakthrough” happened when she realized that if she walked, her hands were free for (a) carrying things to places they shouldn’t be and (b) pushing back at the big dog when he got too close. Interesting to watch the 20-pound human shove and fuss at the 120-pound dog, and the dog’s body language is all “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be in your way.”Report

  3. ScarletNumbers says:

    LOL @ Boston College, whose kicker hooked a PAT in OT in the Pinstripe Bowl.Report

  4. Alan Scott says:

    My boyfriend and I gave his brother the co-op game Forbidden Desert, and we got a chance to play on Christmas day. Other Christmas boardgames include the Underground expansion for Small World, the Escalation expansion for Eminent Domain, and the Wonder Pack for 7 wonders–though we haven’t had a chance to play any of them yet.

    Agricola is probably the biggest foundational/classic board game that I have yet to play. Generally when Agrigola is on offer at game meetups, there are also worker placement games with cooler themes that I can choose instead.

    Most recently, I got a chance to play Euphoria, which was quite nice. It’s a worker placement set in a dystopian society–most of your actions will advance factions in addition to providing you with resources–Your followers will score points and provide better action opportunities if they belong to factions that advance, but you don’t know what factions the other player’s supporters belong to. And you can’t get away with just advancing your own faction, because you need the resources provided by the actions that advance the other factions.Report

  5. James K says:

    I finished Dragon Age: Inquisition (just over 90 hours) just before I headed up to Auckland, and now I’m back I’m starting a second game.Report

  6. Morat20 says:

    Finished up Saints Row IV, and started Shadow of Mordor. I have died like four times,mostly because I’ve been playing Xbox for 10 years so I can’t remember which controls are which.

    Triangle? Circle? IS THAT X OR Y.Report