Monthly Archive: November 2014


“Why aren’t there any Lawful Good undead types?” is a question that we’ve all asked ourselves, isn’t it?

Symbol & Subtext

A building, a vehicle, and a flag cause a politician to resign… Wait, what?

British Political Scandals

Saul Degraw looks into a somewhat head-scratching British twitter scandal that exploded yesterday.


1. Waffles 2. French toast [wide gap] 3. Pancakes Argue if you must. But you’re wrong. by the book Johnny Law and his spontaneous christina aguilera weight loss The Top 10 Best Paid Jobs...


First, you take all of your clothing (yes, everything… maybe excepting socks and undies) in the house and throw it into a pile.

Mexican Standoff

An update to that horrific story about the missing student teachers (normalistas) in Iguala, Mexico: the Mayor and his wife have been arrested, the Governor has resigned, a state prosecutor stepped down, a police...