Monthly Archive: November 2014

Bringing Out Our Dead

Will Truman doesn’t find the Victorian custom of taking portraits of dead bodies to actually be all that strange. This post is very, very unrelated to the Food Symposium.

A Hagelian Dialectic

Via Shane Harris, on the resignation of defense secretary Chuck Hagel: “Hagel wasn’t brought in to tackle these crises, and some defense sources say he simply wasn’t up to it. The presumption at the...

The Cook as Hunter

When a love of food and the desire to share it with others becomes the newest motivation for a lifetime’s pursuit.


Katherine breaks down “Voices of Authority” for us.

Big beam is big.

Today we crossed a small milestone in the Montauk Catamaran Company boat shop.

Luxury and Being a Man

Car companies have a history of mocking us for wanting luxury and then later selling it to us at a premium.

Thoughts on Immigration

Guest writer Gabriel Conroy’s thoughts start with this:

“There’s something wrong about a law that forbids or curtails people’s mobility.”

Experts and Democracy

Saul DeGraw responds to Tod Kelly about why experts and democracy are often very messy affairs and don’t really mix well.


Two men enter. One man leaves.