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  1. Doctor Jay says:

    In response to your encoded paragraph:

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  2. Doctor Jay says:

    I really love this show and we just happened to rewatch through Season 4. JMS loves writing speeches, whether they are noble or malevolent. The show has a streak of melodrama in it from top to bottom, and the over-the-topness of the fascist cabal in EarthGov is just one aspect of that.

    The actress playing Masante in this episode deserves a lot of credit for committing to the part – I got the sense that Masante believed every word, even when moments later, she admitted she was lying.Report

    • Jason Tank in reply to Doctor Jay says:

      I was curious about the actress, so I looked around a bit. Julie Musante was played by Shari Shattuck, who spent some years after this on a soap opera, then disappeared from Hollywood after she hit 40. She has a new movie out (she stars in it, but the movie looks straight-to-DVD) this year, her first IMDB role in 14 years.Report

  3. Jason Tank says:

    Marcus is almost always the highlight of any episode he’s in. I love that cheeky bastard.Report

  4. James K says:

    I agree with you about the speeches, JMS has a tendency to send his villains a memo saying “you’re a villain, here are the villainous things you are going to do”.

    Still, he made back a lot of points for me with the conversation between Sheridan and Masante. Because Masante’s line about “reframing the problem to solve it” is the finest quality BS. Because, yes, reframing a problem is often a useful way of considering new solutions, but that is exactly the opposite of what Masante is doing, which is to deny the existence of a problem by framing it away. That line is simultaneously true and a lie.

    But still, she gives every sign of being sincere, JMS paints a portrait of someone who has lost their epistemology – who no longer understands the difference between symbols and the reality they symbolise. He also shows just how useful such people can be to a nascent totalitarian.Report