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  1. Avatar James Hanley says:

    Spent the day at the conference swim meet. Yesterday #1 daughter set a personal best and made the final (hooray for fastskins!), and today she came in 5th in the final, just 1/4 second off yesterday’s time. One more chance, next weekend, to drop another second and make a state qualifying time. But her medley relay team did makes states, as did a number of other girls on the team who’ve been chasing that time all season (hooray for fastskins!). I got a good amount of writing done when other kids were swimming–swim meets aren’t hockey or football, that’s for sure.Report

  2. Avatar Fish says:

    Dragon Age: Awakenings, believe it or not. I was very close to the end of Awakenings when a backup failure on the eve of an upgrade cost me my save game, and the most current save file I could find put me at about mid-game in Origins, so I had to beat the Archdemon again and slog through all the fetch-and-carry quests in Denerim and at the beginning of Awakenings again and all of it just made me set aside the game for a really long time. There was also one particularly tough fight in Awakenings that, after beating it the first time, I swore I would never ever put myself through again. Well, I got to that fight last night and I think today might just have to be dedicated to winning that fight.

    So even more than Inquisition, I’m looking forward to beating Awakenings and maybe playing through the rest of the DLC for Origins and maybe installing Dragon Age II just to see what all the fuss is about.Report