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Will Truman

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  1. Mo says:

    Go with a latex pillow and you will never go back. I got the Z by Malouf, which I would recommend to own, but not to buy as it appears that the price has gone up 4x since I bought mine 4 years ago. The Talatech is the highest rated and has a good price. The thing I like about latex is they don’t sleep hot and they don’t go flat for a while.Report

  2. Michael Cain says:

    My neck used to bother me a lot when I got up. I tried every sort of pillow that I could find. Among other shortcomings, I don’t move around a lot when I sleep so I tend to mash the support out of the middle of most pillows. Over the years I have found two that worked. One was a normal sort of shaped foam but with a pocket for an air bladder in the middle — inflate the bladder to the degree of firmness that works. Eventually the bladder broke and I could never find a replacement. What I sleep on now is a pillow filled with buckwheat husks — originally a late-night TV advertisement, but I was desperate. It works great for me. Everyone who pokes at it says some variant of, “Man, this is hard.” The first night I tried it I was very tired, and got as far as “Man, this is…” before I fell asleep. They come in various sizes — I use a standard-sized one, even though it’s more expensive than the smaller ones.Report

  3. Kim says:

    I like a flat pillow. Maybe about a third of the height of a standard coffee cup. They don’t make those. Only fluffy pillows that fluff about and bend your neck all funny.Report

  4. James Hanley says:

    cotton candy-ass pillow

    I believe it’s now required at OT to rephrase this as cotton candy ass-pillow.Report

  5. Damon says:

    I’ve always found Wal Mart’s ammo effective and convenient, if not the cheapest. 🙂Report

  6. Boegiboe says:

    I recently got the king-size version of this pillow. I love it! It has the drawback of having pokey bit that sometimes work their way to where they can stick me, but unlike a real down pillow, you can just fluff the pillow and it goes away. I’m confused what the pokey things are, since it’s “down-alternative”; maybe it’s feathers that don’t count as down? Whatever, it makes it so I usually don’t get headaches.Report

  7. alkali says:

    Bloomingdale’s PrimaLoft (down alternative). Not cheap.Report

  8. Pinky says:

    I’ve gotten hooked on down pillows. My apartment looks like a chicken coop with all the feathers floating around, and you have to replace them every couple of years, but I’d buy a new pillow every night if that’s what it took to help me sleep.Report

  9. zic says:

    I really like The Company Store’s feather pillows.

    I have a lot of neck problems, and sleep on my side; their firm feather pillows have helped me tremendously.Report

  10. Kazzy says:

    I prefer the fresh salsa made by our local chain grocer (Stop & Shop, AKA Giant further south). It’s the kind that only lasts a few days because it is the real deal… chunks of veggies, good hit of acid, nice heat (if Zazzy doesn’t insist on the mild, which she almost always does), no soupiness.

    Renfros is good, too. If Walmart’s is similar, I’ll check it out.

    While I’m still terrified of Walmart, I will say I’ve been pretty impressed with their grocery selection. Some of the produce is pretty superior to the S&S, believe it or not.Report

    • El Muneco in reply to Kazzy says:

      +1 on “local grocer’s fresh salsa”.

      For simple applications where the salsa is supposed to stand out and be the star, the simpler the better. In, say, a seven-layer-dip, I can see that a more processed alternative could hold up better (fresh tomatoes will weep if left standing in a way that cooked tomatoes won’t, forex).

      I haven’t found a processed salsa that stands above the crowd – in fact, if I was being uncharitable, I’d say that “package to stand out, season to blend in” is a very common business model.Report