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  1. Morat20 says:

    I’m stalled in Act II. It’s real life that gets in the way. I’ll make time for the first Act of a RPG, and then have to set it aside to catch up on real life. And then I’ve forgotten story, or controls, or what I’m doing. Same problem I have with jade empire.

    Fun game though. I’m Tremere, so I mostly boil people’s blood from a distance.Report

    • Reformed Republican in reply to Morat20 says:

      My first playthrough was Tremere. My second was Malkavian. I would recommend that everyone makes a Malkavian playthrough, because it is a completely different experience.Report

  2. James K says:

    Still playing Civ: Beyond Earth, still enjoying it.Report

  3. Saul Degraw says:

    When you have friends with very small children, you inadvertently learn a lot about things that very small children like but only vague details. I know this is this thing called Yo Gabba Gabba and very small children love it. I also know that Yo Gabba Gabba is doing live shows in NYC this weekend. However, I have no idea what Yo Gabba Gabba actually is so I imagine that my friends are taking their kids to see a Ramones Tribute band.

    To more seriously answer your question, I have spent sometime playing FFIV to relive my youth as I do from time to time. I am at the end and constantly dying despite being high-leveled and this has caused me to stop playing for the last few days. This is how videogames are for me. I want a game to be hard but not too hard but most games seem to veer into too hard for me. I am playing the Nintendo DS version which is supposed to be much harder than the original SNES version.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Saul Degraw says:

      The Final Fantasy boss fights are bullcrap. You can get along with 99% of the story just by progressing normally, but to beat the final boss, you need to do every side quest and find every dinky little thing that will let you summon the ultimate summon, wield the ultimate weapon, and cast the ultimate healing spell.

      Which is too bad because up until that point the game is masterfully made.Report

      • Saul Degraw in reply to Jaybird says:


        My issue now is that I am in the final dungeon and collecting the final equipment. In the DS version, the monsters and bosses of the final dungeon have been made significantly harder. They hit more frequently and for more damage and the evasion rate for your hits has gone up. This results in a slow crawl through the dungeon.

        In the end I am a casual gamer, I dislike that most modern RPGs tend to be side quest central.Report

      • Jaybird in reply to Jaybird says:

        Have you explored the Zeldas for the DS? The Phantom Hourglass, for example?Report

  4. El Muneco says:

    I’m not exactly spoiled for choice. Wasteland 2 is still out there and seems to have a genuine stench of the original. Civ Beyond Earth is released and while it seems that they didn’t make a replacement for SMAC, they didn’t actually aim that high, so they can be excused. The Jagged Alliance reboot is released, and I contributed to their kickstarter at the $125 level.

    So, naturally, I’m getting my top three WoW toons ready for the 11/13 expansion and playing a new game of Jagged Alliance 2 when I can’t be bothered…Report

  5. Mike Schilling says:

    Back when I used to play computer games, one of my favorites was an ice hockey game where, if the ref wasn’t looking, you could use your stick to club an opponent.Report

  6. Damon says:

    still trying to get the new thief game working 🙁Report

  7. Reformed Republican says:

    I did not have much time for video games this weekend, but my son and I played some Yu-Gi-Oh on Saturday. I also did a solo playthrough of the new Mars Attacks board game to learn the rules. I think it will be an enjoyable game, but it will benefit from having other players.Report