Monthly Archive: November 2014

Year of the Scavenger, Season of the Bitch

Saul DeGraw thinks artists are too stuck in shock for the sake of shock. On the contrary, Jerry Saltz thinks the art world has become too conservative and easily-offended for the sake of taking offense. Who is right? Who will prevail?


Apparently, they’re doing a Starsy Warsy kinda thing in a year.


It must be opposite day.


It’s not really a recipe and it’s not really a photo essay, but watch as Jonathan makes some brussel sprouts.


Oh, Steam sales… you will be the death of me.


Wine and song. What more do you need on a Friday night?


aaron david declares “Bah Humbug!” to our foodie celebration, and lists off his reasons for being an “unfoodie.”

Linky Friday #92

Reg’lar Linky Friday Returns with… America, Europe, History, Family, Energy, Politics, and Video!



Holy cow! Is it Thanksgiving already?

A couple of Thanksgiving rock songs and a Thanksgiving weekend open thread.

Whyfor Smitten?

Guest writer knittingniki wonders aloud why she’s so addicted to her favorite cooking blog.