Monthly Archive: October 2014

When Rental Cars Meet Toll Roads

Where consumers see confusion and inconvenience, rental car companies and governments see profit centers.

In the name of Freedom Of Religion…

Sikh students in Washington are allowed to bring knives to school. Remember that your weight and shape will fluctuate daily quick weight loss Expectations of the Future Fashion It just announced a secondary offering...

Bleg: What Makes Someone an Artist?

This is inspired by the Generation Exploiter Post by Rufus F. I think that the problems with determining whether an artist gets paid or not is that we are really debating what makes someone...

Schroedinger’s Consent

It would be nice if consent always reflected what people want. Unfortunately, there are a number of situations involving both men and women in which it is manufactured.


100 Bullets asks if we’re willing to push the red button. Also, Person of Interest brings back the opening to The A-Team.

Generation Exploiter

A thought experiment: could we say that this generation embraces the notion that culture workers should not be paid?


Okay… so now the pressure to switch to the next gen begins in earnest.


Making cool stuff.


What does the perfect vacation look like and what does it take to get there? Mike Dwyer considers how best to use our time off.


This weekend, my marriage is old enough to drive.

Linky Friday #87

Links! This week: Politics, Family, Reproduction, Healthcare, Energy, and Transportation. Plus, a short movie!

Little Kids Cursing

Saul Degraw looks into the latest viral message/ad to hit social media

Ottawa Shootings

As many of you are certainly aware of by now, there have been multiple shootings in Ottawa, my hometown. The shootings occurred at the War Memorial and at Parliament Hill. The downtown core is...


Warning: Jamming Ahead.