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  1. Fish says:

    This is kind of my attitude toward Civilization: Beyond Earth. I’m one of the few who enjoyed V out of the box, but the two expansions and the add-on packs vastly improved the game, so I’ll wait for at least the first expansion before picking it up.

    And I still need to play through all the Dragon Age: Origins dlc…Report

    • Hoosegow Flask in reply to Fish says:

      Not a bad idea to wait. It’s definitely the love child of SMAC and Civ 5. It’s good and had me up late last night, but it seems to me that it lacks some polish. I was one of those who was initially underwhelmed with Civ 5 (coming from having played quite a bit of Civ 4, w/ expansions).

      It kinda reminds me of the days of Microprose, when there was a running joke about having to wait for the 3rd patch before the games were playable.Report

    • James K in reply to Fish says:


      Having finished my first game of Beyond Earth, I like it a lot (I enjoy all the new systems) but the thing I think it lacks most is in the distinctiveness of the factions. By basing the AC factions on ideology, each of them had a distinct personality out of the box, but with the BE factions, I have neither a mission statement nor historical context to fill in what these folks are about. I understand that they wanted us to choose how we would approach our new home via the affinity system (which I really like), but some history (even a quick bio like they had during the loading screen in Civ V) would have really helped.Report

  2. James Hanley says:

    Just got back from the local wedding reception for my friend the Republican Political Operative (real wedding was Vegas, and he got hitched to one of Idaho’s 3 Democrats). The feature was a hog roast. If you’re ever asked by someone with southern ancestry to drive deep into the countryside where your citified smart phone gets incredibly dumb in order to attend a hog roast, don’t ask questions, just put on a trucker cap and go.Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    A few weeks back EA was giving away digital copies of Dragon Age: Origins. I have started playing through that. I doubt I will get the DLC, though. I figure I will be lucky to finish the base game, and adding additional content makes completion even less likely.

    Playing this game does serve to remind me of how much I missed the old Infinity Engine controls. I do not want my camera jumping around when I go to control a different character.Report