Put Your Opportunity Cost Where Your Mouth Is


Patrick is a mid-40 year old geek with an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a master's degree in Information Systems. Nothing he says here has anything to do with the official position of his employer or any other institution.

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8 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    Legalize pot!

    I mean, good luck!Report

  2. RTod says:

    Where could folks go to contribute to a Cahalan future?Report

    • Patrick in reply to RTod says:

      That’s the part I’m trying to finish figuring out today.

      You need an EIN to get money. All the EIN documentation on the IRS web site is slated towards small businesses, because they’re the normal folks who file for an EIN. As far as the IRS is concerned, as a political committee for local office, you don’t need to file a 88-something-something unless you expect to get over $25,000 in donations in a year (I don’t). But they expect that you’ve “formed your committee properly” when you file for the EIN, which is always ominous language to see from the Tax Man.

      You need the EIN to open a bank account, you need the bank account to form the committee at the state level. What I said about circular dependencies? That.

      In addition, it looks like all the campaign disclosure rules for California that apply to local elections apply to donations received in the last 90 days of the campaign. That is, I need to file a form 401 for every donor who donates more than X after date Y. But I don’t need to file those forms for anybody who donates prior to that (as far as I can tell). Which… yeah, if there’s a rule that lets incumbents hide where they’re getting money from…

      At any rate, I will gladly take money. When I know how to accept it without breaking any rules, I’ll let you know. I figure this race will cost about $100 per donor times 200 donors. Right now I’ve got 198.5 donors left to go at that donation level. Anybody that can offer more will be a godsend. Anybody who can offer less is still more water lifting the boat. If this is going to work, it’s going to be a “many small donors” effort more than a “I cut myself a check for $15 grand” kind of deal.Report

  3. North says:

    Good luck old boy, though I will not lie- I’ll miss your voice around here.Report

  4. Chris says:

    Good luck, man. I have no doubt the school board would benefit from your presence on it.Report

  5. Maribou says:

    Best of luck, friend. We’ll keep our eyes open for the donation time.Report

  6. Mad Rocket Scientist says:

    Good luck Patrick!

    Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance!Report

  7. ScarletNumbers says:

    I’m amazed a school board election costs so much.Report