Skills Mismatch

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  1. Avatar Pinky says:

    Consider two people trying to fill a job. One of them needs a person right away, or reasonably quickly. He’s looking to balance experience and credentials with availability – in other words, hire the best person he can reasonably expect to find. He’s willing to trust his judgment during an interview. The second person is looking to fill a slot he doesn’t have to. He’s willing to wait it out to get the best candidate imaginable.

    Everyone who’s hiring is the first person. Everyone in an HR department is the second person. The HR guy has to worry about the company being sued if they hire one candidate who appears less qualified than another in any quantifiable way, so he’ll always push the qualifications as high as he can, and never allow anyone through who has a less-than-100% resume.Report

  2. Avatar morat20 says:

    If it was software, I’d say the add was placed solely for legal purposes, with all applicants being rejected (for one reason or another) and then used as proof that no American worker fit the job, ergo a visa worker can be used. A cheaper visa worker.Report

    • Avatar Jim Heffman says:

      Or that you already had someone in mind and sent out the opening solely for form’s sake, to allow that person to come in through the standard application-and-hire process.Report

  3. Avatar Kim says:

    Morat’s Right:
    The other caveat is often jobs get posted with applicant already interviewed and decided upon. HR won’t let you get away with saying “But I LIKE Jim, and he’s available, and he’s Cheap!” So you wind up interviewing a lot of people.

    I’ve been in interviews where 5 minutes in, the guy has totally tuned me out. “So totally not going to hire you.”Report

    • Avatar Michael Drew says:

      It doesn’t have to be a position being held for offshoring, though. State agencies often have to post a job for a period before hiring from within by law. Companies often have a policy of doing so.Report

  4. Avatar nevermoor says:

    Specifically to law firms, don’t take that ad reposting as a rejection.

    A lot of firms who need to hire one person want to start with a huge pool (say, 30+ applicants with a non-disqualifying resume), so they do that first including via multiple ads over time. Then, when the pool is assembled, they start interviewing/culling. That takes time while the position is “open” but isn’t a skills mismatch.

    That said, the real problem is that firms tend to hire one at a time, so it’s just an idiosyncratic process.Report

    • This sounds about right to me. Along these lines, it may also be a firm with high turnover in those positions (which is quite common for that level of hire) that, as a result, likes to keep a stockpile of resumes. It may be looking for a particular type of profile for that stockpile as well.

      Also, a lot of times these ads are placed by agencies who, for obvious reasons, are looking to build a stockpile of resumes that they can immediately turn to whenever a client has an opening.Report

  5. Avatar Kazzy says:

    I don’t know about other sites, but on Craig’s List, when I’ve posted items for sale on there, I regularly repost the same (or a slightly edited ad) to keep it near the top of search results.Report

  6. Avatar Damon says:

    Also, it could be a company doing “salary research”. Looking to find out what types of folks are out there with these skills, what the resume’s look like (in terms of actual experience vs minimum stated in the add) and what the applicant’s salary requirements are vs the pay stated in the add, if any.Report