Fantasy Football Week 6 In Review And NFL Open Thread



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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Slade the Leveller says:

    The Levellers lost because Percy Harvin caught 3 passes for 0 yards. Is that even possible? That has to be a record of some sort.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      I had him last year (or the year before?) and he was a danged monster. According to the webs, he’s difficult to work with and Seattle is more of a “there’s no I in Team” kinda program.

      The trade also involves how well he does for the Jets… so if Harvin is a monster out there, Seattle gets a 2nd round pick. If Harvin is mediocre? A 4th round pick. So everybody has reason to want him to do well.

      But still. The Jets.Report

    • Avatar El Muneco says:

      Bill James had an article where he identified a set of people as “Walter Matthaus”. Basically, people who have clear, noticeable virtues, and actually are (or can be) net positives to have around – but you drive yourself crazy figuring out what to /do/ with them.
      I think the original article was about Juan Samuel, the 1980s Phillie second baseman. Who was blazingly fast, hit for a decent average and could slap the ball into the alleys – but never walked, so you couldn’t lead him off, didn’t have real home run power so you couldn’t put him in the middle of the order, had a terrible glove, and didn’t really have the hang of basestealing so it didn’t add runs when he ran wild.
      Harvin might be like that. He’s a great running back, but he’s 180 pounds when wet and fragile to boot, so you can’t give him 100 carries a season out of the backfield. He’s not strong enough to beat press coverage, so you can’t split him wide. He doesn’t run routes well enough to be a Welker out of the slot or a Sproles out of the backfield. He’s a credible threat on bubble screens and jet sweeps if he’s on the field for every play so that defenses can’t just key on him when he’s in, but he refuses to play every down. If he was as good at returning kicks as Devin Hester, you could slide him into a similar role – maybe have an 11-personnel package where he just runs fly patterns in case the defense breaks down – and even if he isn’t quite that good, it might be worth it for 4-5M per year, but not 11M.Report