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  1. Doctor Jay says:

    We’re talking Heroes of Might and Magic IV, right? I played some recently and it just didn’t excite me the way Heroes V did. Your mileage may vary.

    What I’m playing now is something called Train Fever. I think it’s in early access, and there’s some odd bits to it, but I just want to play it more and more. I like trains.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Doctor Jay says:

      No, I bought Heroes VI when it came out a million years ago but… well… I never got past Empire Map II. This time, I said “I WILL BEAT THE GAME” but I wanted to play V first.

      And now VII is coming out.Report

    • El Muneco in reply to Doctor Jay says:

      As often, I guess I’m the one mileage varies for, combined with fogeyism I guess…

      I got into HOMM after II had already become a thing and when there was a considerable user map community – some of the third-party narratives and challenges, combined with the cartoony gestalt and embrace of mechanics that were not necessarily balanced for multiplayer but could be used to great effect in single-player made it a great gaming platform.

      Then HOMM III, which took everything up to 11. Better core game mechanics, a user community that was still massively engaged, and even the canned campaigns had both great lore and challenge. Played this one to death.

      And HOMM IV, which seems to be a turning point – no one really likes it so much in and of itself, but it was either taking the franchise in the right direction or the wrong direction, no middle ground.

      After that, well, I’m on record as “meh”. I played the demo of V, and it took a while to adjust to the new facts on the ground, and I said basically that it had moved far enough away from the gameplay that had interested me that I was willing to let it go like the proverbial butterfly.

      Which kind of makes me wonder why I’m still there in World of Warcraft, which has been over the same timeframe undergoing the same kinds of changes, even down to periodic upheavals in the underlying lore. But a month from now I’ll be dragging my healadin into an alternate history to take command of a garrison and fight yet another orcish horde…Report

      • Jaybird in reply to El Muneco says:

        Well, I told my story about my relationship with the heroes universe here. I really enjoyed III and I thought that IV was a step in the right direction insofar as the stories got to be really, surprisingly, intricate despite game mechanics that had the same skeleton as Heroes I.

        Personally, I think you should give V a try again. Your computer can handle the graphics, I’m sure, you’ve had some time to process… just play the first couple of maps of the campaign (assuming you love the campaign).

        Seriously: the undead campaign is a *LOT* of fun and the elvish campaign even more so. (Pity they stuff those in the middle…)Report

      • North in reply to El Muneco says:

        It’s possibly your social network holding you in Wow. Either that or you’re suceptable to the crack cocaine that Blizzard has figured out how to translate into energy and mainline directly into your brain via your monitor.

        Personally I was only into the Warcraft part of the world.. the further it moved away from Warcraft III the less interested I got.Report

  2. North says:

    HOMM 2 holds a special place in my heart. It was one of the first games I played where the music literally stopped me in my tracks. I remember just hanging out in some of the city types to enjoy the tunes.
    Not to mention, of course, that I adored the game play with a burning white hot passion. Turn based city building and fighting game? YES PLEASE!!

    Civilization Beyond Earth is coming out at the end of the month. I could cry blood over that, I can’t stop playing Civilization Brave New World (multiplayer) and now they’re releasing a new Civ? I should want my life back (I don’t but I should).Report

  3. Reformed Republican says:

    I have been doing more playthroughs of Conquest of Elysium. The game plays pretty quickly, which is nice. It is the opposite of the Dominions series by the same folks.

    The last game I played as the Voice of El. Your unique units are bishops which can be promoted to cardinals and even one pontiff. You convert settlements, which allows you to claim part of their tithe as income. You collect relics from your cities and towns, which can be used to open the seals, bringing on the apocalypse. You can also call a crusade against your enemies or call an inquisition to convert settlements to your faith.

    If their is one thing Illwinter does well, it is create factions with very unique mechanics. It can make balancing tough, and there are always factions that are extremely over- or under-powered, but they tend to play very differently.Report