Monthly Archive: October 2014

Your t-shirt is holding you back…

In the category of “People Taking Fitness Far Too Seriously”, this has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious examples I’ve ever seen:

From the Mouths of Babes

“Police have guns because if you run away, they shoot you.  And if you don’t run away, they put you in jail.” – A four-year-old in a snowstorm miranda lambert weight loss Obama’s Baby...

Linky Friday #88

Its Linky Friday! This week: Crime, Money, Education, Environment, Government, Healthcare, and Technology!


Going through the grocery store this week, I saw my first “Holiday”-themed displays. Too soon, people.

Comment Rescue, Purity Edition

“Is there any purity-based objection to something that that people actually wished to do that was a reasonable objection in hindsight?”

On MadBum

There were Giants in the earth in those days.

Very Still and Very Quiet

Today, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo received a military procession and funeral in Hamilton, Ontario. Firsthand impressions from the crowd.

The Line Between Policy and Personal Freedom

Personal freedoms matter, but so do the rules we agree to by association. The curious case of a college football player and a porn star.

by Mike Dwyer

The Affordable Care Act One Year Later

The New York Times has a new report: the Affordable Care Act seems to be making steady progress against the problem of uninsured Americans. This is despite Republican obstructionism of Medicaid expansion.

by Christopher Carr