Monthly Archive: September 2014


Linky Friday #83

Linky Friday is back on Fridays! This week: Entertainment, Space, Housing, Transportation, America, and the World!



One of those weeks that makes you play the lottery.


The Monsters of Ohio State

The recent reporting on Ohio State University’s definition of sexual assault is hard to believe. Literally.

by Tod Kelly


From a Twitter to a Scream

If academic freedom is worth protecting for tenured professors, what about for the non-tenured majority now teaching in universities?


Holy Christ

Can we all agree that this guy, and anybody who acts like this guy, should never have been in a situation where they had access to either a badge or a gun? Can we...


“Aren’t all Muslims suspect?”

A Fox News “debate” on profiling is a perfect illustration of why the tactic always starts off sounding reasonable — and always ends up sounding like bigotry.

by Tod Kelly


Copyright Blackouts

Zic prompts a post by Will Truman on the unavailability of one of his daughter’s favorite books.



On debut albums, sophomore efforts, and Alt-J’s new album.


Organizational Responsibility

Do the organizations we are affiliated with have a right to punish us for things we do on the ‘outside’? Mike Dwyer thinks about the dynamics of group affiliations.


On the freedom to speak stupidly

In which Russell wearily defends Rob Schneider’s right to say stupid things and still remain a working actor.


Oh, Tennessee

I often get the sense that Tennessee, Texas, and Florida are locked in a never-ending war to decide which of the three is the craziest state in the union. Granted, Florida wins most of the battles, but Tennessee and Texas get in a lot of really good shots. I think Tennessee may have just landed a doozy, though.


Free Book!

My friend Abel Keogh‘s book, Room For Two, is available for free on Amazon Kindle this week. Room for Two is an autobiographical account of Abel picking up the pieces after his first wife’s...