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  1. Glyph says:

    I’ve been all over the new Aphex Twin the last couple days.

    That Gotye video up there made me think of this (we’ll see if this embed works):

    Also, the wiki entry for Argument from Desire contained this sentence:

    There is a desire for “we know not what” whose object cannot be identified. We are never truly satisfied. For even while we satisfy our hunger, our need for companionship, love, beauty, achievement, etc. The second premise aims to articulate and appeal to the concept of “longing” as expressed by the German term Sehnsucht.


    • dhex in reply to Glyph says:

      new aphex is excellent. being a design nerd, the vinyl art is awesome – it’s just a rundown of tracklisting, bpm, times, and then all the money spent on various promotional items, done in a fixed width font (not courier, but decima mono i think?)

      i like the new interpol outside of one song. talk about a band that will never live down a legendary debut.Report

      • Glyph in reply to dhex says:

        I guess the (slight) knock on the AT is that it’s, by AT standards, fairly accessible/not as groundbreaking as some past works. There are definitely tracks on there that have some sounds that I could see coming from someone else.

        That said, it’s varied, melodic, and just plain excellently-crafted, so…

        Did you read the interview on P4K with him by Philip Sherburne? Very normal, down to earth, no obfuscation or pranking or talk of tanks and bank vaults and stuff. Sherburne is actually one of the few music writers I have time for (even before he started writing for them) he focuses on electronic stuff. His personal site hasn’t been updated in a couple years (it looks like he’s getting a lot of paid work, so good on him).

        Yeah, the new Interpol is pretty good. I didn’t miss Dengler’s playing as much as I thought I might. I might actually go see them when they come around next time, though I’ve seen them twice and never been over-impressed.

        (But I have to say, though Antics is less-consistent than TOTBL, I think its peaks may be even higher. I put it up there with the first one.)

        (And I actually got a little verklempt when “No I In Threesome” came up on shuffle the other day. Talk about sneaking some real emotion into what initially appeared to be a joke based on the song title.)Report

      • Glyph in reply to dhex says:

        To be clear, the “knock” in my first para is one I keep seeing around the ‘net, not my own. But generally speaking it’s just been kind of an introductory “let’s get this out of the way, he’s not reinventing the wheel this time around, but this is an excellent record, up there with his best.”Report

      • dhex in reply to dhex says:

        re interpol – first time i took my wife to see them (irving plaza) was quite excellent, during the tour for antics. it was the most “rock” thing i’d ever seen, to be sure, but very well done.

        second time was in a theatre. watching bands in a theatre sucks.

        the new aphex is not some super amazing 4th dimensional visitation of the new shit, to be sure. it’s just really, really good.

        i enjoyed that interview. weird to think that in eight years he’ll be 50.Report

      • dhex in reply to dhex says:

        speaking of interview, i read a good one in i think the quietus with the guys in interpol, and there’s an extended riff on being forced into place while listening to music as it was during the ancien regime. i don’t know how i feel about that, but it’s hard to deny that it does force one to try and slow burn through music, and fully get an idea of what’s going on before making up one’s mind.

        i do try and focus almost entirely upon listening to full albums from front to back. i generally succeed.Report

      • Glyph in reply to dhex says:

        One of the shows I saw was a huge amphitheater show (opening for the Cure) and that setup generally serves no one well. I only went because my friend wanted to go.

        The other time was a mid-size venue (actually, an old theater, come to think of it) which was fine size-wise, but the sound there is always crappy*. I’m not sure if that was the problem, the band just seemed kind of lethargic; though that could also have been partially due to the epic amount of wacky weed semi-reliable sources (well, some employees of a store he visited before the show) tell me that they suspect Banks might have smoked that day.

        This time around it’s in a pretty good historic/storied mid-size local venue. My friend already got tickets and told me I can have one if I want.

        My wife and a friend of mine know their current touring bassist, so weirdly I am on kind of an acquaintance basis with (someone kind of in) Interpol.

        That’s as close to fame as I get, I’m afraid.

        * Actually, I just saw a rock show recently, in another old theater, and it also had terrible sound – just muddy as all get out. Is this something specific to old theaters? They just re-did another one here fairly recently, and it has *excellent* sound now (sound baffles and such), but before that it was not great.Report

      • dhex in reply to dhex says:

        my understanding is that redoing an old style theatre for modern sound requires a lot of retooling and careful engineering, as they were designed to work without requiring amplified instruments. town hall in nyc is a place that went through extensive revision and sounds great, but the seats are a torture if you’re over 6’2″.Report

      • Glyph in reply to dhex says:

        Ah, that makes sense. These places have all been “converted” in the sense that the seats were taken out and modern PAs installed, but I am guessing they didn’t do all of the necessary acoustic renovations to the structure/space.

        The other venue I mentioned, they recently totally renovated, replaced the sound system and also added sound baffling on the ceiling etc., and it sounds *fantastic* now (I just saw Mogwai there). But before that it was pretty crappy-sounding.

        We were also laughing about the smoke/fog machine.

        Sure, it’s a classic; but also, if you want the romance of playing in a smoke-filled room in 2014, you gotta bring your own “smoke”; you can’t rely on your nicotine-stained audience anymore.Report

  2. krogerfoot says:

    Puddles is an amazing, full-package performer. My big toe shot up in my boot the first time I saw that Lorde cover and it’s stayed shot up. This guerrilla performance is a favorite.Report

  3. El Muneco says:

    Oh, the irony! When I saw Gotye (1), I kind of had a premonition that the only other artist in the rotation on the “modern” stations in my car that causes me to change the channel within less than the “Name That Tune” standard seven notes might be coming, but didn’t really believe it was possible because things never work out that perfectly in real life. And then, oh Lorde….

    I have no idea why I have such a powerful reaction to both of them. It’s not that they’re not talented, I recognize that they are. And it’s not like I have great taste, anyway… “Shout” is one of my favorite Devo albums. I like 80s rockabilly unironically. I think Bastille had the best song of 2013. Those two just reach straight down to my rat brain and cause me to recoil.

    (1) Whose name, thanks to the power of first impressions, I can never hear other than in the voice of Mike Myers as Fat Bastard chasing Mini-Me around – “GOT ye!”. You’re welcome.Report