Fantasy Football Week In Review And NFL Open Thread (If We Need One)



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  1. Avatar Burt Likko

    The Waynesport Wildcats also have no plausible explanation for Drew Brees not even targeting Marques Colston. The best working theory is that this was Drew Brees From A Parallel Universe Magically Transported Here and just plain not knowing who the new guy on the team is. Here’s hoping they sent Parallel Universe Brees back home and got the real one back again.Report

  2. Avatar Patrick

    I scored 135 points first week in the family league. League high score.

    I scored 77 points the second week in the family league. Not the low score!

    Five of my players are Out or Questionable.Report

  3. Avatar Dman

    Thank goodness I did not play the guy with Julio Jones. Sucks that I played the guy with Mat Ryan….

    Who switched the Bucs with the JV team from Air Academy????Report

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