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  1. ScarletNumbers says:

    I read someone’s Facebook wall where I learned the following FunFact:

    Exit 69 on Interstate 75 in Michigan is for Big Beaver Road.


  2. Will Truman says:

    I finished Season One of Continuum, and decided not to watch anything further until… some point when I can feel not-guilty for doing so.

    Instead, I am sticking with Harry Turtledove. I was all set to stop after the second one because, while I am enjoying them, they’re over 20 hours a piece and there are three in this subset (of which this is the first of said three). Then it had the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers (The black rebellion is upon us!!!!) and I just couldn’t stop. Well done, Turtledove. Well done.Report

    • KatherineMW in reply to Will Truman says:

      Are you reading his alternate-American-history books covering the World Wars? I’ve read those; thought they were pretty average as books go – there’s a lot more creativity one could display in thinking about alternate history than “the World Wars happen like before, but with the major events that occurred in Europe happening in America”.Report

  3. Mike Schilling says:

    I had a similar reaction to Luther: the ridiculously handsome Idris Elba and the insanely beautiful Indira Varma. They stand out even more by being surrounded by a cast of at best average-looking people. (Honestly, we’re supposed to believe she dumped Idris for a Pete-Townshend lookalike,?)Report

  4. Maribou says:

    I very much enjoyed Chennai Express in that yay, people get in fights, make dumb jokes, and blow stuff up with ADDED MUSICAL SCENES way, enough that I will probably go back and watch the last big fight, which I missed because I fell asleep. (this not being allowed to have caffeine is making the adjustment to noon-8 schedule harder than I expected. i may need blackout curtains.)

    still slowly working my way through that Tin Man mini-series. I’m near the end of the first 90 minute episode and it’s finally getting good enough that I watch more of it than laundry-putting-away needs would strictly dictate.

    I’ve started listening to James Marsters read the Harry Dresdens – a project I started right before grad school and had to abandon forthwith.

    And I’ve read *thirty six books* so far this month. A figure which I mention not to brag, at all, but because I am just so utterly fishing grateful to not be in school anymore. I HAVE TIME TO READ FOR PLEASURE AGAIN!!!!! I read the Magician’s Land this week, loved it, will be rereading that trilogy sometime, maybe more than once.Report

  5. Glyph says:

    I haven’t even cracked open Echopraxia yet. :-/

    I watched the first ep. of The Returned last week and really, really enjoyed it. Might watch more tonight.Report

  6. Michael M. says:

    Maybe someone who is more up on what’s hot in Bollywood can correct me, but it seems to me that Netflix does a pretty good job keeping a timely selection of Bollywood films available on its streaming service. I’m judging that mostly by what films are promoted heavily on YouTube, since I don’t really have any other sources. Chennai Express is currently available. I have Race 2 in my queue because John Abraham (OMG). They don’t seem to have many classics available though, but they do still have Dostana (2008), which I believe was one of the highest-profile Bollywood films (filmed entirely in Miami) to deal explicitly with homosexuality.

    I caught up with two movies I’d been wanting to see: Magic Mike and Neighbors (now re-titled Bad Neighbors for some reason). The latter was pretty awful, much worse than reviews led me to expect. It’s making me wonder whether Seth Rogen without Judd Apatow is worth watching. The former was also disappointing, given all the male flesh to ogle, but worth watching. I read on iMDB that Channing Tatum originally wanted Nicolas Winding Refn to direct but it didn’t work because of scheduling. I wonder how much better the film could have been with a first-tier talent like Refn at the helm rather than Steven Soderbergh. The real problem was with the story, which didn’t go anywhere, but it was still marred by Soderbergh’s usual intrusive handwaving.Report

  7. Michael Drew says:

    Back into season 4 of Suits. The show just keeps doing what it does well, well.Report